Neighbourhood Watch


Neighbourhood Watch of Dunany, as many of you know, is an organized group of volunteers whose purpose is the prevention of crime and vandalism in our community. It now led by Cheryl Jackson-Caron of Curran Lake, under the direction of June Parker.

When a suspicious looking car or situation is seen, residents should call one of the contacts on the Neighbourhood Watch Listat the bottom of  this page.  From there, you can download and print the chart.

When reporting an incident or an observation, please provide as many details as possible, things like the license plate and the make of the car, van or truck. This information will then be relayed to the police.

But, when faced with an emergency, be it fire or theft, always call 911 first. Afterwards, advise your lake contact.

If in doubt, do not hesitate and call 911.

If you wish to print the list, use this Word Document:

Neighbourhood Watch – Bon Voisin Bon Oeil 2017.Word


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