Living in Dunany


Living in Dunany

The following rules and recommendations are mainly intended for renters of any Dunany residence. Residents should follow them and communicate them to their lessees to make living in Dunany most enjoyable for all.

  1. Outdoor fires. A permit from the municipality is always required and no fire should be set by the lakes. They should be lit far from the lake; ashes should be doused and later removed from the pit and disposed of.
  2. Fireworks also require a permit. The DCA discourages their use as they pollute, are dangerous and break the tranquillity residents have sought.
  3. Washing in the lake is not an acceptable practice as soaps and shampoos contain nutrients that are very harmful to the lake.
  4. Noise. Dunany is a peaceful setting where quietness is appreciated. Moreover, sound travels far and is amplified over water. Please don’t make noise or play music so loud neighbours will hear, especially at night.
  5. Water should be used sparingly as overloaded septic systems will increase the volume of nutrients that reach the lake.
  6. No lawn mowing is allowed in the 15 meter protection band around the lakes.
  7. Aquatic vegetation should not be cleared from the shoreline.
  8. The use of gas powered motorboats is prohibited on all Dunany lakes. Only small electric motors are allowed.
  9. All boats such as kayaks and canoes used in other rivers and lakes must be washed as they can bring in invasive plants and molluscs.

JP July 2011



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