Pictures of Dunany

Pictures of Dunany

Dunany taxi 2.jpg

Dunany Taxi: de la collection Octeau Taschereau.

Church Dunany.jpg

Mr. Alberts, St.Paul's caretaker.

House Dunany.jpg

The Alberts family in front of their house, left to St.Paul's

St Paul's 1965.jpg

St-Paul's circa 1960 (Ross Leslie)

Dunany Rd & Gore Sud .jpg

Dunany - S.W. Gore Intersection circa 1960 (Ross Leslie)

3)Shovelling roof 1960.jpg

Shoveling Roof at the Leslie's circa 1960 (Ross leslie(

2) Boyd Lake from 7th Hole 1960.jpg

Boyd Lake from 7th Hole circa 1960 (Ross Leslie)

Gloven Point.jpg

Gloven's Point circa 1960 (Robert Hay)

1)Black lake 1965-001.jpg

Black Lake circa 1960 (Ross Leslie)


Clear Lake circa 1960 (Robert Hay)

Verglas chemin Dunany.jpg

Le grand verglas 1998 par Jacques Pigeon

Verglas chemin Dunanu 2.jpg

Le chemin Dunany en janvier 1998: photo de Jacques Pigeon


Lovely young Dunanyites: Michelle Macleod, Alexa Marsden, and Kelly Havill

Clocher de l'église St-Paul en automne.jpg

Chapelle St Paul en automne par Jacques Pigeon


Revilla's paddlers at Clear Lake

Boyd Lake 007.jpg

S.P.A.N.K team on Boyd, by June Parker


Paddling along on Clear Lake

SP Da.jpg

The new Dunany woodsmen


Rob Percy: our guide and historian on Clear

Moose Oct 1 08 001.JPG

Moose Photo from June Parker

Papillon Lac Black 2010.JPG

Lunar Moth on Black by June Parker

Montage Coyotes à Dunany.jpg

Coyotes à Dunany


Jeune orignal en visite au 1150 chemin Dunany


June's porcupine

Wasps Nov 23 09 005.jpg

Wasps Photo by June Parker

Peppy Nov 29 10 033.JPG

La perdrix de Michel du lac Clair

June 16 11 004.jpg

Outardes sur le lac Clair par June Parker


Bass feeding on a trout on Clear Lake with eyes bigger than it's stomach. Courtesy of John Wilson.

Tortue sur le chemin MacDougal photographiée par June Parker

Tortue adulte sur le chemin MacDougall, photographiée par June Parker fin juin 2013.


Coyote de l'est dans la forêt de Dunany - Photo Simon Octeau.

Dunany-3 Oct '09.JPG

Fall on Boyd by Peter Wright


Début de l'hiver au lac Clair


Le lac Clair a gelé dimanche le 18 décembre en 2011

Dunany-1 Nov '08-6.jpg

Boyd by Peter Wright

Lac Clair JA.JPG

Lac Clair vu par Jim Anderson


Canoeing on Curran - Photo by Warren and Lois Gamble


Rainbow on Black Lake July 27, 2014 John Parsons

Kentucky Derby 2012.jpg

Eglise de Shrewsbury, Gore mai 2012


Église St-Paul, août 2013


Our lovely cemetery - Notre cimetière fleuri

Dunany-3 Oct '09.JPG

Fall on Boyd by Peter Wright

Verglas chemin Dunanu 2.jpg

Le chemin Dunany en janvier 1998: photo de Jacques Pigeon

Eglise Saint-Paul de Dunany 2010.JPG

Eglise Saint-Paul de Dunany 2010

Dunany Rd & Gore Sud .jpg

Dunany Rd & Gore Sud .jpg

Chemin de Dunany - automne 2012.JPG

Chemin de Dunany - automne 2012.JPG

Coucher de soleil de novembre 2012 à Dunany.jpg

Coucher de soleil de novembre 2012 à Dunany.jpg


Fall Rainbow 2015 by Angie MacLeod


Sunset on Curran, Lois Gamble


Reflexions on Curran , Lois Gamble


Ducks on Curran, Lois Gamble


Morning Trails - Robert Percy

Clear Lake FAll 2015.jpg

Clear Lake Fall 2015 (Bob Hay)


Wild Turkeys by Clear Lake - Tom Lowe


Curran creek - Caroline Roy

Coucher de soleil le 14 mai 2016.jpg

Sunset on Curran by Dave Glionna


Calm on Curran by Lois Gamble

Ice Storm 2017 - Peter Parsons.jpg

2017 Ice Storm - Peter Parsons


Sunset on Boyd -Angie Macleod


Nature morte automnale au lac BOYD. Photo de Jacques Pigeon

7 thoughts on “Pictures of Dunany

  1. Kathy

    What a great experience to paddle around and learn about our beautiful lakes! It’s also fun to meet our neighbours who we don’t see at the golf course 🙂 We’ve really enjoyed this activity.
    Kathy and Pete

  2. Steve Brewer

    Thanks for the great pictures of Dunany ! Are other DCA members encouraged to post some of their own and if so, how do they go about it ?

    Perhaps some readers may be interested in some of those that are posted on the ‘Friends of Dunany’ yahoo group web site at

    Warm regards,

    Steve Brewer

  3. jacques_pigeon

    Hi Steve.

    Most of the pictures on the site have been submitted by members.

    Pictures should be sent to me. In most cases, pictures have been submitted by membrs. I will select the most appropriate and edit them to enhance their appeal.



    PS. It is also the most frequently visited section on the site.

  4. Sue Holland

    My parents had a cottage on Curran’s Lake from the time I was 10 until about 10 years ago (won’t divulge how long that is). They were finding the commute from Toronto harder as they aged, so reluctantly sold it. Got rather teary eyed looking at the photos of Dunany as a lot of the landmarks I could recognize after all these years!!! Really miss it, but am so glad to see new generations enjoying the beautiful area. Best regards, Sue Holland

  5. jacques_pigeon

    Well if you come our way some day do not hesitate to drop by (1150 chemin de Dunany). All the best.


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