50th Anniversary

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June et Michel sont heureux.

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2013 Award Winners with President Rob


Présidents et Honoris Meritas 2013

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Dunany Artists 2013 Montage 1.jpg

Aquarelles de Dunany Artists 2013

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Dunany Ladies in the sixties.jpg

Dunany Ladies in the sixties

5 thoughts on “50th Anniversary

  1. rnkr-static.com

    Theres that fab shawl again that I love, looking elegant on your night in. My daugther raves about Sons of Anarchy too, but I've never seen it, am I missing something??? You'll have to let me know if its got alot of violence in tho first as I don't like violence. Hope you enjoyed your night in, and you are probably at a car boot as I type this so can't wait to see what you found.

  2. aio steam game hack

    Yo Niek,Al vaak je posts gelezen maar nog niet eerder gereageerd, en zo zijn er meer weet ik. Ik leef onwijs met je mee en zal zeker aan je denken komende maandag. Makkelijk lullen van achter mijn laptoppie maar heb vertrouwen in je kracht, want krachtig dat ben je!Arno

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