2015 AGM: DCA Celebrates Rod Armstrong and introduces President John Riviere

Your association is alive and kicking. Witness those pictures taken at the July 12 AGM attended by more than 70 residents on that beautiful hot and sunny day.

Lakes are in good shape. Fish are jumping. Beavers are under control. And our main road needs improvements. Big time. Working on it!

So we had reason to celebrate. Center stage was reserved to Rod Armstrong. [pe2-image src=”http://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-5NyZAI4BkhA/VaPECAFv84I/AAAAAAAAOrQ/r8Ttj2w5CaM/s144-c-o/2015%252520AGM.jpg” href=”https://picasaweb.google.com/116669546391099247746/13072015#6170991453090608002″ caption=”2015 AGM.jpg” type=”image” alt=”2015 AGM.jpg” ]

Rod Armstrong does appreciate the plaque he received from president Robert Percy.  The Armstrong family certainly shares his sentiment and newly elected president John Riviere cannot hide his love for Dunany. Click on any of the pictures on the above montage to blow them up.

In 2013 we cerebrated Jim. Now it was time to recognize the great contribution that Rod has made to the Dunany Community both at the Golf Club and the DCA. Rod sat on the latter’s board for many years and was at it’s helm when an algae bloom developed at Clear Lake. On that occasion, he showed leadership and determination. About a quarter of the septic systems proved to be seriously deficient  then (1999) and Rod led the group that got he situation corrected. Now the lake is in great shape. We owe you a lot,  Rod. You really deserve this honour.

If you wish to learn more about DCA activities and programs just click on the appropriate tab in the Activities menu. Following is a quick update on a couple of key topics.


Our Lakes. Climate is changing; we are getting more rain. Shoreline protection bands thus need to be strong to filter nutrients before they reach the lakes. The cleaning of septic systems is also critical. Consider using services of companies such as Sani Nord who only take away the solids and put back the liquids containing the bacteria that decompose what you send to the tank. We are also keeping a close watch on the Purple Bladderwort on Black Lake with the collaboration of Dr. Richard Carignan of the University of Montreal.

Beavers. Our new trapper – Marcel Gauthier – estimates there are about 25 beavers in our area. He has a handle on the situation on all four lakes and is taking the necessary steps to prevent damage to our properties.


Finally, the DCA Board is happy to greet Bonnie Swaine, of Boyd Lake, as a new member of the DCA Board.

Welcome Bonnie and thanks to France Jobin who is leaving the Board but will still continue to manage the membership file with passion.

And when you have a free moment visit your new Bulletin Board.


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