An Activity Report from our President

Dear Residents of Dunany
The change of the four seasons, which we have the pleasure of enjoying, is a real positive to living in this place called ‘Dunany’. Summer and fall have faded away and the test of the winter months is at our door. The last six months have been good ones for our community.
Our lakes continue to produce good numbers that indicate we are all doing our part in protecting them. No fertilizer on lawns, shoreline protection bands of ten metres, inspection and regular cleaning of septic systems and boat washing are items that required our attention. All of these items must be carried out by each one of us and with vigilance for us to continue to enjoy the clean water in our lakes.
High water levels have been a concern in some of our lakes this year. The Boyd lake level was caused by a beaver dam which has been removed. Clear lake is experiencing high levels also which has required the opening of the control gate for five to eight days at a time. The higher level on Black lake this year seems to have helped the Bladderwort situation.
Beavers have been seen on all four lakes with numerous calls being received by Board Members. Please keep calling as you have a sighting or evidence of beaver activity and we will do our best to take some action. Once again, the municipalities will not get involved unless infrastructure is being obstructed or damaged.[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”photo-3.JPG” pe2_single_image_size=”w400″ ]

We have, as reported by Jacques on the Website, taken some time to look at the subject of beaver control with cost effectiveness and efficiency. Beavers that we have in our lakes are coming from other areas so we are trying to remove them also. As of the writing of this report, since we have hired Marcel Gauthier, our official beaver trapper, we have removed 7 animals. He will be setting traps on all four lakes but always with the posting of a sign indicating his activity. Please be on your guard near the water’s edge with concern always for your dogs. A leash is a wise thing in the fall during the hunting season and until the lakes freeze over.
Speed on our roads is always a problem but the Sûreté du Québec will not set any speed traps. If you get the licence plate number of someone who is speeding or driving dangerously, take the time to report it to either the Sûreté du Québec or to one of your Board Members.
We have had some success with MacDougall Road as the municipality of Brownsburg Chatham has been carrying work to improve the road. We have been told, subject to winter conditions that by the end of November, a new crushed stone surface should be in place for the winter months.
The Boyd Lake Road is still under study with the Township of Wentworth working with the stake holders to have a workable solution. This is a very dangerous corner in our community. We are hopeful that a solution will be in the works by the spring of next year.

The activities within the community continue to be enjoyed and supported with a strong participation. The artists are still meeting regularly and are always planning their next art study getaway. They are a very talented group. Scrabble and Cribbage night has slowed down but the few that are not down south are still getting together. The ski club will once again be meeting on Fridays at Morin Heights. The regulars are eager to go. The challenge at Morin Heights seems to be more about getting ski boots on than skiing the hills themselves but the fun of getting together can’t be beat.
Fishing should be pretty good again next year as we have continued to support a stocking program of our lakes. We are grateful to Past President Rod Armstrong and his helpers for their interest in carrying out this program.
St. Paul’s Church will have two Christmas Services. One at 4 o’clock and one at 8 o’clock and the road to the cemetery will be open. This is a magical moment and a time for families and friends to reflect.
Security problems have been very few. House alarm systems coupled with the vigilance of your neighbours and the neighborhood watch seems to be our best line of defense. It is important that we report any and all break-ins and/or suspicious activity to the Sûreté du Québec. With fewer incidents we will receive fewer regular patrols from the SQ. I was informed last year that in the Wentworth area there was only one report filed with the Sûreté du Québec. June Parker remains the contact person for the SQ.
We were called upon to support our neighbour in Lachute, Centre d’Entraide d ‘Argenteuil. This is the food bank in Lachute that experienced a devastating fire to their premises in the fall. Residents of the community and your Association answered the call for funds. Some of the S.P.A.N.K. money was donated which was added to the funds given by the DCA that helped the food bank get back on its feet as quickly as possible. The residents of Dunany have always contributed in a generous way. The Christmas Fund basket supports 45 families and is led by Don and Rose Manconi. This year, from the service at St Paul’s in November, there was a pickup truck of imperishable food donated along with $220. The residents have also been asked to donate to the Argenteuil Hospital Fund. With a target of $100,000, our community has donated $81,000 in pledges and donations as of November 10th. Hopefully, those that have not contributed yet will help us reach the target of $100,000 by Christmas time.
Two of our honoured residents at our 50th anniversary were Terry and Mary Chuprun. This has come to the attention of the rest of the people in Argenteuil as Terry and Mary Chuprun have been recognized as two people who never stop giving of themselves and are being further recognized by the MRC and the Township of Wentworth. Congratulations to both them once again!
The Dunany Golf Club has had another great year. The newsletter from the President, Lynn Palmer, indicated there are opportunities to join. If you are a resident of Dunany and not a member of the Club, this might be a great time to join and participate in activities of the Club besides playing golf. This golf course is an exceptional asset to have in the middle of our community. We should all do what we can to support it.
We also wish to thank Past President Dr Maurice Pilon and his better half Jane for offering flu vaccinations to the community. Over thirty residents took advantage of this protection. Merci Jane and Maurice.
In closing, payment of annual dues can now be done electronically (Thank you Jacques and France). If you have taken care of it, thank you and otherwise we would appreciate you dealing with this matter. Our community is well above average in its control of its environment, activities, participation and spirit of which you all should be proud. From your Board of Directors, we wish you a Merry Christmas and continued health and enjoyment in the New Year.
Yours sincerely,
Robert W. Percy

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  1. Claudett Hay

    Thank you for the full of news from home. You didn’t leave anything out. We are away, news is appreciated from afar and makes us ask, “do we really live in such an amazing place?” Look forward to returning & watching the steam rise from Clear lake. See you soon. Nice letter.

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