Clear Lake is now Ice Free. The winners are…

Early  in April, I asked you to guess when Clear Lake would be ice free.

Response was very good. Answers (31) covered a wide range from April 15 to May 5. The correct answer is April 26

Today, Tuesday April 26, the lake is finally ice free.

Two residents guessed it right: Wendy Crooks and Dianne Vanstone.

Note: In a previous edition, I forgot to name Dianne Vanstone. My mistake. My apologies.

Lac Clair fin PM 24 avril 2016

This is what the lake looked like mid afternoon on Sunday April 24. A few hours later, this ice was gone but, on Monday morning, a long strip of ice was still present on the south shore of the lake in it’s eastern section. It disappeared the next day, April 26, the date the lake became ice free.

But a question remains: did Wendy get help from above?


12 thoughts on “Clear Lake is now Ice Free. The winners are…

  1. Wendy Crooks

    WOW, very cool. I am sure George is smiling down on me. His guess was always pretty close.
    Thanks for a fun contest, Jacques.
    His blessings to all.


  2. peter wright

    Obviously Wendy did get help from above as she has a direct line.
    Way to go, Wendy!

  3. Edtih

    Yes, Wendy, George is smiling on you from above. His spirit is alive up there.
    Good guess. Congrats.

  4. Lynn

    Congratulations Wendy and Dianne!
    Maybe the fact that today was Karen’s birthday made a difference too!
    Nature – how to explain it! Love to all.

  5. Claudette Hay

    Clear Lake isn’t ALL FREE. Around Campbell’s bend, in front of Curtin’s & Bellefeuille’s, there’s ICE. Maybe I’ll win my bet tomorrow after all.

  6. jacques_pigeon Post author

    I believe you Claudette even though no ice is visible from here. And will this little piece of ice still be there at the end of the day?

  7. Carolyn Everson

    Such fun! Now who will be the first to dare to swim in it? Chilly …

  8. Carolyn Everson

    Such fun!
    Now who will be the first to swim in it?
    Mighty chilly …

  9. Cathy Riviere

    what a fun little game for us to play . Enjoyed it. Congrats to the two winners. Wendy you did have some divine help for sure.

  10. jacques_pigeon Post author

    And may I remind you, dear Claudette, that you had chosen April 25. So…

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