DCA has New President with Clear Priorities.

As most of you know, he is Stan Roy of Curran Lake. Stan is a long time resident of Dunany and has worked tirelessly  to improve life in Dunany, notably at the Dunany Country Club. More recently, he was part of Robert Percy’s trio who did the new Dunany Trail from the Church to the Golf course (Hole no 4).

At the end of the AGM, Stan said he had two priorities: road safety, especially on roads under Wentworth’s jurisdiction and trails. There are many trails for walking and cross country skying in Dunany, he said, but they do not connect. His goal is to structure this and thus make the trails more accessible to residents.

Following are highlights of topics from the AGM that I have not covered in previous Posts such as Lake Results, Invasive Plants and Beavers:

  • The new Dunany Trail will have signage before the end of August and will be officially inaugurated on Saturday September 9th (now moved to Sunday the 10th) with a BBQ on the trail.
  • A new loon platform will be installed on Curran lake. David Glionna will manage the project under the assistance of a biologist from Développement Ornitologique Argenteuil.
  • An inventory of aquatic plants on Currran lake is being done in early August by Sheryl Jackson Caron and a group of volunteers under the guidance of a biologist from the Conseil Régional de l’Environnement des Laurentides. The exercise was done successfully on Clear Lake last year and will be done next year on Boyd Lake with Bonnie Swaine leading the project.
  • There is a new book box corner of Neil and Dunany Road. Proposals for a third one should be directed to Lois Finch.
  • We do not know of any break ins on properties protected by an alarm system. If you own an unprotected cottage in Dunany and wish to secure it get in touch with Sheryl Jackson Caron. She has a list of suppliers, some of them very reasonably priced.

Finally, two Dunany residents will seek to be elected councillors in two Wentworth seats at the next municipal elections which will be held on Sunday November 5.  They are Bill Gauley of Boyd Lake and Maurice Pilon of Black Lake.

There are fewer than a thousand registered electors in Wentworth so every vote is very important.

And don’t forget that you can vote by mail.


5 thoughts on “DCA has New President with Clear Priorities.

  1. Steve Brewer

    Stan’s priorities are excellent ! I particularly like his trail
    I notice that Peter Palmer’s Dunany Map has not been updated
    for a decade or so and wonder if perhaps it is time for one with
    the new trails included ?

  2. Michael Fehr

    Congratulations Stan! you will be a great president for our community

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