AGM Minutes



Minutes -Procès Verbal

2021 Annual General Meeting – Assemblée générale annuelle 2021

Sunday, August 1 2021 (10:00 AM) – Dimanche le 1 août 2021


Via Zoom

1          Call to Order Appel à l’ordre 10:04

2          Approval of the Agenda      Approbation de l’ordre du jour

Approuvé   L Lincoln 2nd D Hislop   carried

3          2020 AGM August 2 –AGA du 2 août 2020

  1. a) Approval of Minutes- Approbation du procès-verbal

Approved: P Demers; 2nd: K Hoelscher; Moved

  1. b) Business Arising – Affaires découlant

1126 Dunany Road; the DCA has been following the property which is now for sale and will wait to contact the new owners.

4          President’s message – Message de la présidente

  • LP welcomed everyone to the virtual AGM hopefully the last virtual one
  • Thank you to T. Adams for her technical assistance.
  • Quorum was determined and meeting proceeded at 10:04. President commented on the success of the Quiltilla, the community spirit and the numerous volunteers. The close collaboration between the DCA and the DCC continues.
  • Wentworth consulted the DCA on the upcoming changes to the bylaws this year. The DCA reiterated our values stated on the website especially as related to the environment. The DCA in collaboration with the DCC sent a letter to outlining our concerns about the changes to RU15. In discussion with the mayor of Wentworth and others, the issue has been resolved and now reflect our mission.
  • An update on the Wentworth Integrated Recreational and Tourism Project (WITRI): the project appears to be dead.
    • On 28th June 2021 the board met B.Gravel, directeur general and M. P. Joly, directeur de l’urbanisme of Lachute. A profitable discussion took place on developments along Dunany road, within Lachute area and concerns over septic tank regulations. They agreed to meet again after the municipal elections for further discussions.
    • The board also will meet in the fall with Brownsburg-Chatham
    • DCC clubhouse community project is well underway and will be fully completed in time for the 100th celebration next summer. The bar is open on the weekends, but no inside events as yet. The next auction starts August 27, contact D Burke for information. Thank you for all your continued support.
    • A replacement for the representative on the Wentworth bylaw committee is sought. R. Sauve has been our “Dunany” representative on the Wentworth CCU for the past 15 years.  She has done an amazing job and is now looking to ‘retire’. Please send us any suggestions
    • “The living in Dunany” guidelines put out by the DCA available on the website include valuable information. We would like to remind people that a permit maybe required to set off fireworks. Beyond environmental concerns there are safety and noise concerns for your neighbours. Contact your municipality for specific rules and permits. Comment on chat by: D Campbell Thank you for keeping us safe.
  • Reports – Dossiers
  1. a) Dunany Trails – Sentier de Dunany RP. RP Thanked the president for all her work over the last 2 years.
  • The Dunany Trial marks its 6th year. It is and has been a success in keeping us healthy and active. The property owners concerned are pleased as their lands have been respected, and state they are committed to continuing the trail.
  • The trail is open year-round for walking, x-country skiing, and sliding.
  • The board has approved the monies ($42000) to expand the trail. There will be a cleaner start to the trail as the church now owns that small piece of land. This was done with the aid of J. Morrison (mayor of Wentworth). The work will start in September with help from S. Roy, M. Pilon and R. Percy.
  • All donations for the trail are gratefully accepted.
  1. b) Environment – Environnement JP
  • The zoning bylaws of the 4 municipalities of the DCA help protect the environment.
  • Gore zoning laws are good and are enforced. 1126 Dunany road is an example.
  • Wentworth reviewed their bylaws with major changes to limit large projects.
  • Wentworth has a new project “WILD” that will protect the integrity of the local habitat, see their website for details.
  • Lachute, as yet, does not have septic system bylaws
  • Brownsburg-Chatham does not have septic system bylaws but have bylaws to prevent subdivisions around our lakes.
  • The MRC produced a map of the area wetlands that are protected see their website.
  • Lake sampling is being done this year, especially for phosphorous levels which have been analysed inadequately in the past.
  • People were reminded to have guests and renters wash their boats before putting them in the water to prevent invasive species , e.g. Eurasian millefoil
  • Beavers –castors Boyd and Black lakes were most affected by beavers. It has been a quieter year so far. The outlet from Boyd was cleared.
  • Question and Comment from K Hoelscher concerning the number of beavers seen on the lake. Answer: Interventions are done when there is a serious threat to property. Beavers can be trapped outside the season if there is serious damage. The DCA website has information on how to protect property from beavers. Beaver sentinels on each lake report problems to J Pigeon.
  • Comment on septic systems Wentworth and Gore have bylaws but not Lachute or Brownsburg-Chatham. Answer the DCA is working with these two municipalities.
  1. c) Roads-Routes AT. AT Thanked all the citizens who helped in April.
  • In April there were many walkers along the roads in the Dunany area. They helped remove 30 kilos of litter.
  • Debris such as TV and tires were taken to the Eco-Center in Gore. All Dunany citizens have access to the Eco Center. They take fridges that the garbage does not.
  • The construction on the Boyd, Dunany road intersection will start August 2 and last for 3-4 weeks. Part of the hill will be removed for better visibility. The Mailbox area will be reconfigured for safety. The Boyd and Dunany road inter-section will be closed and a detour provided (see Wentworth website for details). Boyd residents will have right of entry. Access to golf will be from the south or second hole.
  • Construction personnel will be on site to ensure safety as required. AT and the DCC will follow the progress and answer concerns.
  • The Speed limit change for Dunany road from 70 to 50 kph between Louisa and MacDougal Roads. The DCA has adopted a resolution (see website) and sent it to Wentworth to ask the MTQ to change the speed limits. The resolution is sent to Wentworth who will adopt it and send it to the QMT department of the Quebec government.
  • Comments from chat: P. Demers asked for comments: there are parking issues and x-walk at the golf course. The x-crosswalk is a MTQ issue and not a municipal one.
    • The MTQ has lowered the speed in some areas e.g. highway 329.
    • All changes need to go through the MTQ and not municipalities. It was suggested that citizens write to the MTQ with concerns
  • Wentworth has electronic traffic signs that will be put up to check speeding and amount of traffic on municipal roads
  1. d) Activities – Activités LF
  • Contact information and description of available activities are on the DCA website and include: the artists group, walking, vie active, knitting, biking, and 2 book exchange boxes are also available. The book box on Boyd will return after the construction. Wentworth has provided golf access for Wentworth residents and Lake Louisa is allowing access to tennis for Wentworth residents.
  • A summary of the seniors’ needs assessment: A report on the health and needs of English-speakers over the age of 50 in postal code J8H commissioned by 4Korners was presented with its 7 recommendations
  1. e) Fish stocking- Ensemencement Rod Armstrong (RA) DCA Trout Stocking Program Coordinator.
  • Fish stocking report: RA introduced himself as the coordinator of the Trout Stocking Program for the DCA over the past 10 years. Along with others he has stocked the Dunany lakes with trout for more than thirty years.  Healthy trout populations provide a fishery and are an “indicator” species of overall excellent water quality.
  • In 2020 the DCA spent $ 2000 stocking trout into Boyd Lake and Clear Lake. Boyd Lake received a mix of Speckled Trout and Rainbow Trout.  Clear Lake with its native population of Speckled Trout, received only Speckled Trout.
  • The trout fishing on Black Lake, and Boyd Lake was reported as excellent in 2021.  Curran Lake produced some 5-6 pound rainbow trout this early summer.  He asked for information on fishing in Clear Lake.
  • Due to the increasing cost of trout stocking slightly smaller sized trout will be obtained to provide a larger number of trout at the same cost.  A size threshold is required to limit predation by mature species on the lakes and the trout stocked will be larger than that threshold. RA would like to hear fishing reports next spring.
  • 2021 Stocking takes place on Thanksgiving weekend, at Black and Curran lakes, when the lakes have cooled to allow almost zero mortality in the transition from cool aerated tanker transportation water, to our Lake water.  The cooler water reduces predation from the warm water species.
  • RA asked for DCA member locations to stock trout on Black Lake and Curran Lake, with close access to the shoreline, and some accessible parking for families who want to watch and/or participate in releasing the trout.  Please contact me if you are interested.   A number of people volunteered.
  • Fishing guidelines were presented: catch and release; only keep 1or 2 for the table; if one is injured while caught keep it for the table.
  1. f) Security – Sécurité DH
  • Nothing to report. Thanks go out to June Parker for her work with the Neighbourhood Watch and the SQ. The community needs to stay vigilant and contact Neighbourhood watch, June Parker or the SQ.
  1. g) Communications – Communications JP
  • JP gave a presentation to RAPPEL with the CRE Laurentides le conseil regional de l’ environment des Laurentides on our water testing
  • JP has been taking care of the emails and the DCA website since 2009. If anyone is interested they should contact him
  • Fibre Argenteuil is coming to the area with internet, TV and telephone. If people plan to switch from Bell to Fibre Argenteuil, they will lose their emails. Thus, it is advisable to switch to an independent provider now. If you need help J. Pigeon is available.
  • BSJ President of the board for Fibre Argenteuil, added that all the latest information on service and cost is on their website. The MRC and federal government has given them money, thus the whole area of the MRC will be connected. Dunany by August/September. Additionally, people can sign up for a presale agreement for faster connection.

(h) Financial Review- Informations financiers BSJ   (See the report on the website)

  1. a) Membership – Membres: There are 137 paid up members to date. JP Asked people to pay their dues. Most are paid electronically.
  2. b) Financials and budget – États financiers et budget(Voir le repport)
  • DCA is doing well financially with a surplus of 19277.00. $3000 of the surplus will go to expand the Dunany trail. There were few expenses due to the pandemic
  • Budget for 2021 will be balanced
  • Budget for 2021-2020 was Approved by L Lincoln and 2nd by B Thompson
  1. c) Financial Review Committee – Comité de revision

– 2020-2021 Report – Rapport pour 2020-2021

A.Woods reported that the financials were a true reflection of the state of the DCA finances

Financial review Committee – 2021 Committee – Comité pour 2021

  1. Woods agreed to remain as the auditor for 2020-2021

Budget and committee approved  by A Sandhal 2nd by P Curtin: approved

  1. d) 2021 Dues – Cotisation 2021

The dues will remain the same.

  1. Nominating Committee Report for 2020-21 –Comité des mises-en-candidature pour 2020-21
    • There are two resignations this year from the board
    • The President thanked M. Pilon for his tremendous contributions to the DCA since 2011 including the 50th He has been a DCA president and secretary and a municipal counselor–.  Maurice will be moving off the Board, but continues to be an active volunteer in the community.  We are pleased to welcome B. Robinson who will be joining the Board as a director and is interested in the trail.
    • Additionally, BSJ is stepping down from the board but remains as a volunteer. JP will seek a CFO for the board and act as interim CFO till then. We thank Benoit for his flexibility and steady service when working with us for over the last 10 years and welcome J. Vallee as a director.
    • Il est proposé que les membres dont les noms suivent soient nommés membres du CA de l’ARD pour un an, à compter du 1er août 2021 et ce jusqu’à l’AGA de 2022.

Président – Présidente                            Bonnie Swaine                Lac Boyd Lake

Past president – Présidente sortante     Lynn Palmer                Lac Clair – Clear Lake

SecretarySécrétaire                             Lois Finch                        Lac Black Lake

Communications/environnement         Jacques Pigeon             Lac Clair – Clear Lake

And (interim) Treasurer  -Trésorier  

Director – Administratrice                     Diane Hislop               Lac Curran Lake

Director – Administrateur                     Robert Percy                Lac Clair – Clear Lake

Director – Administratrice                     Johanne Vallée            Lac Clair – Clear Lake

DirectorAdministrateur                     André Therrien               Lac Curran Lake

DirectorAdministrateur                     Brian Robinson               Lac Black Lake

Board approved by L Lincoln 2nd by K Hoelscher: carried
Comments and discussion: the mailboxes on Stevenson are often vandalized. J. Parker answered this. She has spoken to the SQ and there are 2 solutions thought of 1)A light over the boxes has been talked about; 2) moving the boxes to a more secure place. This is more difficult as the boxes cannot be on a municipal road. She is still working with them to resolve this.

The new president was introduces and thanked the president. BS said a few words on her aims for the future. Asked the community to contact her if there were any concerns

  1. Adjournment – Adjournment –
    The meeting adjourned at 11:52 S. Leslie 2nd D. Burke