AGM Minutes




2022 Annual General Meeting

Sunday, July 24  2022 


1          As a Quorum was determined the meeting was called to Order Appel à l’ordre 10:04  

2          Approval of the Agenda     

            Approuvé   C. Jackson  2nd M Pilon  

3          2021 AGM August 1

  1. a) Approval of Minutes

                        Approved: P Demers; 2nd: A.Sandhal

  1. b) Business Arising

The DCA was to meet with the mayors of the three municipalities in the DCA. The pandemic made this difficult, but meetings are being arranged.

A meeting was held with Scott Pearce mayor of Gore and Prefect of the MRC of Argenteuil. The major concern of Scott Pearce is motorcycles: the noise and speed. Discussions with the QPP are in progress and he will keep us informed. 

Jason Morrison the major of Wentworth is present today at the meeting.

4          President’s message

  • BS welcomed everyone to the AGM.
    • BS thanked all the board members for their work and support over 2021-2022,

and thanked the Dunany Country Club (DCC) for the meeting venue and the continued collaboration between the two groups.

  • BS mentioned that it is a pleasure after three years to be able to meet in person and enjoy the social activities of the summer such as: Wentworth day a great success and the DCC Ladies cocktail party.,
  • Jason Morrison was introduced and spoke about the WILD project of Wentworth.
  • WILD (Wentworth Investment in Legacy Development)
    • This is a non-profit conservation organisation that was started one year ago.
    • The objective is to preserve 30% of the territory of the municipality.
    • Money is being put aside in the municipality’s budget and from others for the purchase of land as it comes up for sale in the area. There will be a fund raiser in October for WILD.
    • The objectives of WILD are three fold:
      • Conservation: maintain the natural habitats
      • Education on preservation of the environment and conservation
      • Accessibility to natural habitats via trails systems.
      • Answers to Questions
        • WILD will be a registered charity
        • All information on WILD is on the website
        • The Quebec government has a positive response to WILD and the township expects a grant from them
        • Wentworth Township was recognized with an innovation award for conservation
        • Information has been exchanged with other municipalities on WILD
      • Reports – Dossiers                   
  1. a) Dunany Trail  RP thanked the president for all her work over the last year.
  • Brian Robinson will take over the responsibility for the trail.
  • The Dunany Trial marks its 6th year and starts at St. Paul’s church continuing to the path off the 3rd hole of the DCC.
  • Two extensions were made this spring thanks to the work and generosity of Stan Roy:
    • The entrance is now accessible from St Paul’s church parking lot
    • The trail will soon connect to the maintenance road off the 2nd tee of the golf course
    • It will also connect to Curran lake road near the Roy and Armstrong properties.
  • Upgrades are planned with the addition of new trail markers and maps at key junctions.
  • An email will go out to the community asking for volunteers to clean up the trail and its new extensions.
  • The entrance to the trail from the church parking lot will be cleared this winter by R Percy. Wentworth clears the Golf club parking lot.
  • The Dunany trail is entirely on private land and we appreciate that the property owners allow this.
  • Future work includes widening the shoulders of Dunany Trail between the church and the Golf Club for safer walking and provide a loop of 10km when connected to the trail.
  1. b) Environment  (Jacques Pigeon)
  • JP met with the association of Laurentians lakes.
  • Our lakes are some of the best. To keep it that way the lakes are sampled and clarity is tested over the summer.
  • Three important points to remember to keep the lakes pristine:
    • Protect our lakes from  Eurasian milfoil.
    • Ensure the compliance of the septic systems in our area.
    • When changing your old oil tank think of replacing it with a different heating system. An oil spill on Lake Louisa proved difficult to clean up last year.
  • People were reminded to have guests and renters wash their boats before putting them in the water to prevent the arrival of invasive species, e.g. Eurasian milfoil.

Answers to Questions: Our lakes do not have Eurasian milfoil. There are ways to control it, if it spotted early, but it is difficult, temporary and very expensive The best solution is not to have it.

  1. c) Roads AT Thanked all the citizens who helped in April clear garbage off the roads.
  • The main issues on roads are the increase in traffic and noise especially on Dunany road.
  • The speed limit has been reduced from 70 to 60 along the Dunany road section from MacDougal to Lake Louisa Road. We were disappointed it was not 50 but the MTQ only allowed 60.
  • We are working with Gore Township to reduce the speed from Stephenson Road to MacDougall Road where it meets with Dunany road.
  • New Signage on area roads: slippery road sign on Dunany near Curran. Additionally, children at play, reduce noise signs and 50 Km on dirt roads signs are up on Wentworth roads.
  • Electric speed signs are on Wentworth roads but not on Dunany as that is a MTQ road. These signs gather data on speed and amount of traffic which will be passed on to the SQ for action.
  • MacDougall road, Lachute part, was ripped up by snowplows over the winter. Lachute is negotiating with the snow plow company for repairs.
  • The Brownsburg part of MacDougall is in poor condition. Gravel was dumped and graded but parts are very poor. It is suggested that the residents along MacDougall get together and email AT and draft a resolution to Brownsburg on the matter.
  1. d) Activities  Lois Finch
  • Contact information and description of available activities are on the DCA website and include: the artists group, walking, vie active, knitting, biking, and 3 book exchange boxes. Lake Louisa is allowing free access to their tennis courts for Wentworth residents – check the website for times.
  • A new community initiative was launched. The Dunany Equipment Sharing Community Initiative (DESCI). This group shares equipment to allow residents to remain in their homes longer. Equipment is loaned out to Dunanyites for free and includes walkers, wheelchairs, canes and more. A message will be sent out with information on borrowing.
  1. e) Fish stocking  Rod Armstrong (RA) DCA Fish Stocking Program Coordinator.
    • RA provided a written report (a summary ensues) read out by the DCA president. An explosion of trout stocking demand is raising the cost and limiting the supply of fish. Our supplier is only supplying long time customers with a price increase of ~25% in the future; the cost to the DCA is expected to be $3000.00. Fish must be ordered by December 2022 and paid by October 2023 for the 2023 year. The cost increase will be offset by decreasing the size of the fish stocked without increased predation; the number of stocked trout will increase by approximately 35%, for the same cost. Fishing is becoming popular with the younger generation and is an excellent indication of the health of the lakes.
  • Fishing guidelines are: catch and release; only keep 1or 2 for the table; if one is injured while caught, keep it for the table.
  • Morrison stated that Wentworth provides a grant of $200 to help stock fish in Wentworth lakes. The DCA will apply for it.
  1. f) Security  Diane Hislop & Lois Finch
  • Nothing to report. Thanks goes out to June Parker for her work with the Neighbourhood Watch and the SQ. The community needs to stay vigilant and contact Neighbourhood watch, June Parker or the SQ.
  • Recently our community experienced a major storm that left us with damaged property and without power. Neighbours stepped up to help each but our community can be at risk of another emergency. We should be prepared for emergencies.
  • It is suggested that:
    • The townships communicate their emergency plans by posting it on their bulletin boards.
    • The Federal and Quebec governments websites have free emergency preparedness pamphlets; an example is provided. The information is only available online.
    • The provincial government is offering financial aid to those whose homes and properties were damaged; forms are available on the Wentworth website.
  1. g) Communications  Jacques Pigeon (JP)
  • JP reminded people if they change their emails to notify him. There was a comment from a resident stating that it is import to do this.
  • JP reminded people that government agencies and banks do not ask for information via email – be vigilant for SPAM.
  1. h) DCA 100th anniversary gift to the DCC- Lynn Palmer

A DCA committee asked the DCC what would be an appropriate gift to mark their 100th year. A sign was proposed for the two associations to celebrate together as a community. It will be unveiled at the end of this meeting.

  1. i) Financial Review- Informations financiers Jacques Pigeon   (See the report on the website)
  2. a) Membership – Membres: There are approximately 200 households in the DCA area and 160 have paid their dues.
  3. b) Financials and Budget
  • Budget for 2023 will be balanced.
  • Sandhal will take over membership and budget responsibilities.
  1. c) Financial Review Committee – Comité de revision 2022 Report – Rapport pour 2022
  2. Woods reported that the financials were a true reflection of the state of the DCA finances and accepted to be the auditor in 2022-2023.

Budget for 2023 and committee approved by F. Coté and 2nd by J. Best

  1. d) 2023 Dues

As dues have remained the same since 2015, J. Parker proposed that the fees be raised to $45. Approved by J. Wilson 2nd A. Woods; unanimously accepted.

  • Nominating Committee Report for 2022-2023
    • There is one resignation from the board.
    • It is proposed that the following DCA members be nominated to the Board of Directors for the period of one year from the AGM on July 24, 2022, to the ensuing DCA AGM in 2023.
    • Il est proposé que les membres dont les noms suivent soient nommés membres du CA de l’ARD pour un an, à compter du 24 juillet 2022 et ce jusqu’à l’AGA de 2023.

Président – Présidente                           Bonnie Swaine            Lac Curran

SecretarySécrétaire                             Lois Finch                   Lac Black

Treasurer -Trésorier                               Alex Sandhal               Lac Black Communications/Environnement         Jacques Pigeon             Lac Clair

Director – Administratrice                     Diane Hislop                 Lac Curran

Director – Administratrice                     Lynn Palmer               Lac Clair

Director – Administratrice                     Johanne Vallée             Lac Clair

DirectorAdministrateur                     André Therrien             Lac Curran

DirectorAdministrateur                     Brian Robinson             Lac Black


Approved J Parker 2nd F. Coté


BS thanked JP for taking on finances over the past year and France for manning the table. She asked Dunany residents to contact the DCA if they have questions or concerns.


Questions: were there any break-ins or thefts – answer no

  1. Adjournment
    The meeting adjourned at 11:30 proposed J. Gale, 2nd P. Demers
  2. Addendum: Robert Percy was recognized as a long-time member of the DCA board and for his service to the community with a Honorius Meritas plaque. R. Percy was moved and replied that Dunany is a little bit of heaven here on earth.
  3. The official unveiling of the DCC Club sign took place outside with the presidents of the DCA and DCC presiding.