2020 AGM Minutes



Minutes -Procès Verbal


2020 Annual General Meeting – Assemblée générale annuelle 2020

Sunday, August 2 2020 (10:00 AM) – Dimanche le 2 août 2020


Via Zoom


1          Call to Order Appel à l’ordre

2          Approval of the Agenda      Approbation de l’ordre du jour

Approuvé  J. Parker 2nd D. Payette   carried

3          2019 AGM August 4 –AGA du 4 août 2019

  1. a) Approval of Minutes- Approbation du procès-verbal

Approved: D Payette; 2nd: A Woods; Moved

  1. b) Business Arising – Affaires découlant

Work on the trail to be discussed in the reports


4          President’s message – Message de la présidente

  • Palmer welcomed everyone to the first virtual AGM
  • Thank you to M. Fehr and T. Adams for the information on the process and technical assistance for the meeting
  • Quorum was determined and meeting proceeded at 10:04. President commented on the success of the Quiltilla and the community sprit with numerous volunteers. The close collaboration between the DCA and the DCC continues.
  • An update on the Wentworth Integrated Recreational and Tourism Project (WITRI): The DCA board met with Wentworth council and its mayor and were ensured that there are sufficient bylaws to protect the environment in the area. No proposal has been put forth to-date and the project appears to be on hold.
  • Improved access to Boyd road: The design for the new section has been submitted to Transport Quebec and is awaiting approval.
  • Priorities of the board: This is not the year to push for new activities as there are numerous projects in the area. A succession plan will be worked out as an important effort in case of future contingencies and to ensure continuity.
  • The DCA is on solid financial footing to continue its mandate.


5          Reports – Dossiers


  1. a) Dunany Trails –  Sentier de Dunany

The Dunany Trial marks its 5th year. In review, the trial is about 3 kms long, traveling from end of Black Lake to the cemetery at St Paul’s church. The trail crosses private property. The property owners state there have been no complaints or attempted claims or squatters and are committed to continuing the trail. The trail, despite no maintenance in the last 5 years, is in good condition and appreciated by users. Areas of bush under growth will be addressed. The trail is open in the winter and the snow is packed down by residents with their ski-doos and Jim Anderson who drags the trail after a significant snow fall. Motorized vehicles are not allowed. The board will look at improving the trail base so that it is safe for all walkers of any age.

  1. b) Environment – Environnement
  • The DCA website contains the latest reports on the state of our lakes which are in the oligotropic category. J. Pigeon thanked the volunteers who test the lake waters. Only clarity testing is done this year. He also thanked the community for its diligence in keeping lakes clean. It is important that all visitors/guests with watercraft wash their craft before putting them in the lake.
  • A project at the end of Clear Lake impinging on the protected water zone has been stopped by the municipality of Gore. The DCA is watching this closely.
  1. c) Roads & Beavers – Routes et castors                                                            Roads: Work on Dunany road from 1156 to Lachute will begin next week.

Question: will the road be closed? Answer: Unsure, probably not.

Beavers: Boyd and Black lakes are most affected by beavers. Interventions are done when there is a serious threat to property. The DCA website has information on how to protect property from beavers. Beaver sentinels on each lake report problems to J Pigeon

  1. d) Activities – Activités

Contact information and description of available activities despite the pandemic are on the DCA website and include: artists group, walking, vie active, knitting, biking, and 3 book exchange boxes are also available. Wentworth has provided golf access for Wentworth residents and Lake Louisa is allowing access to tennis for Wentworth residents.

Comment: Glee club sends out information and songs to practise at home.

  1. e) Fish stocking- Ensemencement

The DCA with Rod Armstrong did an analysis of the amount paid for fish stocking ($2000.00) and the associated value.  We have decided not to decrease the funding at this point as there is little value to stocking the lakes with fewer or smaller fish or less frequently. This activity benefits the community beyond the anglers.  Support for stocking will continue as long as the money is available.  In 2019 fish were stocked in Curran and Black and in 2020 it is Boyd and Clear.

  1. f) Security – Sécurité

Thanks go out to June Parker for her work with the Neighbourhood Watch and the SQ. The following were reported to the SQ: A break-in to a construction trailer with tools stolen in mid-June and a camper van was stolen. Catalytic converters were removed from 2 cars.

The community needs to stay vigilant and contact Neighbourhood watch, June Parker or the SQ. It is important to report robberies, even small ones

  1. g) Communications – Communications
  • The DCA website has been made more secure. Paypal for membership fee payment is very secure and efficient.
  • Fibre Argenteuil is coming to the area with internet, TV and telephone. If people plan to switch from Bell to Fibre Argenteuil, they will lose their emails. Thus, it is advisable to switch to an independent provider now. If you need help J. Pigeon is available.
  • Pigeon reminds everyone to inform him if their contact information changes
  • St Jacques, the head of Fibre Argenteuil, stated all the latest information on service and cost is on their website. Additionally, people can sign up for a presale agreement for faster connection. Check the website to see if you qualify. Connections to Curran area should start end of August.


6          Financial Review- Informations financières       


  1. a) Membership – Membres: There are 125 paid up members to date with a total membership of 180. The goal is to have 80% of membership paid up.
  2. b) Financials and budget – États financiers et budget (Voir le repport)

DCA is doing well financially with an income of $7,700 and expenses of $6,246 leaving a net of $1500 with an accumulated surplus in the bank of $19,000.00

Budget for 2020 will be balanced with an income of $6,550 and expenses of $6,550.

Approved by L Lincoln and 2nd by B Thompson

  1. c) Financial Review Committee – Comité de revision

– 2019 Report – Rapport pour 2019

A.Woods reported that the financials were a true reflection of the state of the DCA finances

– 2020 Committee – Comité pour 2020

  1. Woods agreed to remain as the auditor for 2020-2021

Financial review Committee moved by J. Parker 2nd by D. Payette: approved

  1. d) 2021 Dues – Cotisation 2021

The dues will remain the same.

Comment: The President thanks the board members for their reports and thanked the water testers, F.Jobin and the Neighbourhood Watch group


  1. Nominating Committee Report for 2020-21 –
    Comité des mises-en-candidature pour 2020-21

The President thanked S. Roy for his tremendous contributions to the DCA over the past 3 years – particularly regarding his leadership with the Dunany trail.  Stan will be moving off the Board, but continues to be an active volunteer in the community.  We are pleased to welcome A. Therrien who will be joining the Board and will take on the “Roads” portfolio.
Appointment of 2020-21 Board members – Nominations au CA pour 2020-21

  1. Palmer President
  2. Swaine Vice President
  3. Finch Secretary
  4. St Jacques Treasurer
  5. Pigeon Communications
  6. Hislop Director
  7. Therrien Director
  8. Pilon Director

Board approved by L Lincoln 2nd by J Parker: carried
Comments and discussion:

The community is concerned about the developments at 1126 Dunany road and a number of people have complained.  Complaints include: Building of a road through wetlands with rumours of forming a beach, helicopters landing and taking off, complaints of a barrage full of people moving around the lake and disrespecting the lake (loud noise and garbage). Felt education was needed here.

Response from the board: J Pigeon has reported on this (See above). The DCA is keeping its eye on it and have reported it to Gore municipality. Gore has it in hand.

It was suggested that the DCA board approach the property owners and discuss the issues. Agreed

  1. Adjournment – Adjournment –
    The meeting adjourned at 11:21