Loons just love their new platform on Curran Lake.

Early last May a new loon platform was installed on Curran Lake. The old one was sinking fast and it was hoped that the loons would like their new nesting place.

Well, they did.

The 5 minute video that follows was shot by the man who installed it. He is Martin Picard, a biologist, crazy about birds, executive director of Développement Ornitologique d’Argenteuil.

After the end of the first minute, watch the loon jump on the platform!

It is now under the tender loving care of Diane and David Glionna who are protecting the loons as if they were their children!

It was hoped that the eggs would hatch. Well, at least one did as you can see in the lovely picture that follows. It was taken by Diane Gliona on June 30.

As most of you will recall, a platform was also installed on Black Lake in 2017. It usually takes a few years before loons decide to make it their hatching place. Maurice and Jane Pilon report that loons have been seen visiting around the platform.

Let us hope they will adopt this new home.

This love of loons and birds in Dunany has led us to become a corporate member of Développement Ornitologique Argenteuil which means you are all members.  DOA’s mission is to develop and protect bird habitats in our environment. It  is also supported by your municipality and the MRC.

It also has a Facebook page dedicated to its activities. More about this later this summer.

This Post was updated on July 2 to to account for the hatching of the first loon.

13 thoughts on “Loons just love their new platform on Curran Lake.

  1. Nancy Humber

    How wonderful! Merci, M Picard et M Pigeon. Fun to see how she rearranged the eggs to get herself comfortable.

  2. Jacques Pigeon Post author

    We have not found a quiet and deserted spot that would be appropriate! Yet!

  3. chrys Tindale

    WOW. Beautiful video. Thank you Martin and Jaques. And thanks also to John for a great video featuring the Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

  4. Dianne Vanstone

    Thank you for Diane and Dave for their tender loving care. That looks like a very happy loon. So wonderful. Thank you for keeping us in the loop,

  5. Lynn P.

    What an amazing video! She is so protective of her eggs. We have loons on clear that sing to us very morning – where do you think they nest?
    Thanks for sharing Jacques!

  6. Steve Glionna

    Curran Lake wouldn’t be complete without the loons. I love hearing their calls. Great work! Nature at its best.

  7. Claudette Hay

    Very beautiful, showed it to the kids, awesome those loons and awesome photography. Thanks to Jacques and Martin.

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