Memo to cottagers: an ounce of prevention is worth…

Well, as you know,  a pound of cure!

Thanksgiving is less than a couple of weeks away and many of you will be closing in for the winter months. During the last season, there have been some regrettable incidents like burglaries and vandalism. A couple of cottage owners even had the content of their oil tanks stolen. We asked the SQ if there was some kind of organised group doing this. They searched but could not find any. So they must be isolated incidents.

Securité Illustration 09-13

To protect your cottage while you are away during the winter months, we strongly suggest that you have someone check your property regularly. It can be a neighbour who is a permanent resident or someone who will do it for a small fee. Contact Sheryl Caron, June Parker or myself if you need specific information.

By the way, many insurance companies do require that your property be regularly visited as part of the contract. If in doubt, check with them.

Finally, if you see a suspicious car, take down the license plate and alert one of the contacts on the Neighbourhood Watch List. Remember we are the eyes and ears of the police!

3 thoughts on “Memo to cottagers: an ounce of prevention is worth…

  1. Claudette Hay

    Hi Jacques and France
    Thanks for the advice. It’s good to see footmarks and car tire marks in the snow even if no one lives in the house such as in our small white one. I think some insurance companies require snow clearing in case the fire dept. has to reach the house. It’s great to know that we have neighbors and others keeping an “eye” on our homes while we’re gone, it’s worth paying for the great service, could save some water leakage problems and roof damage too.
    Keep up the good work.

  2. Sheryl Caron

    Jacques:- Once again you have done a fabulous job with the web page. The graphics are great…one secure house! Let’s hope everyone heeds the message. We all need to know what is happening in our community!

  3. Linda Mell

    Hi Jacques,
    My neighbour Yvan Zanetti has offered to invite those interested, to his home @ 2196 ch. Dunany, to hear a bilingual presentation on ‘Bee Keeping’ He will be doing this on Sat. Oct.12th (Thanksgiving weekend) @ a time determined to be most convenient for all. Adults & children are welcome.

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