MRC to deploy Fibre along Dunany road and branches in 2019.

Initially, the Fiber optic line will distribute High Speed internet service at much greater speeds than what is available today. This will be done by a non profit organization called Fibre Argenteuil that was incorporated earlier this year for that purpose.

This was Jason Morrison’s message to the seventy participants at our July 29 Annual General Meeting. The mayor of Wentworth who was the DCA’s special guest this year added that the first project will be deployment on Curran road this fall to serve about 45 residents. Then on to Dunany Road and branches next spring to serve about 225 more residents. Fibre Argenteuil will initially provide High Speed Internet, then Telephony and TV once authorization has been given by the CRTC. Jason Morisson added there is possible alliance with the MRC of Papineau, the MRC west of our’s.

Other topics at the AGM.

  • Dunany Trail. The Trail committee is at work to find spot with parking to improve access.
  • Eurasian Watermilfoil. If renters, friends and family bring boats from other regions, make sure they wash their boats and accessories such as fishing gear before they hit our waters. It is the best way to prevent the arrival of this exceptionally invasive plant.
  • A Giant Hogweed (right) has been spotted close to Clear Lake and removed by the municipality. This plant can reach more than ten feet and should be handled with care. Call your municipality to have it removed as it contains dangerous toxins.
  • Aquatic plant characterization has been done on Clear and Curran. All’s fine. Will do Boyd next year.
  • Beavers were very active last winter and spring. To maximize the efforts of our trapper, we will add sentinels on each lake. Their mission will be to spot signs of early presence of beavers. Basic training for volunteers will be done soon.
  • Roads and bridges. Contract for North River Bridge on Dunany road has been awarded to Gelco Construction of Val Morin for 1.5M$. Bids for the  restoration  – read patching – and marking of Dunany road have been received. Lowest bidder is Uniroc at 550,000$ *
  • Security. If you are looking for security services, Sheryl Jackson has recommendations for you.
  • Budget. We have assets of more than 18 000.00$ and a balanced budget for the current year. Fees stay at 40$.

Great thanks are in order for Past President John Riviere who is leaving the DCA Board. His contribution was greatly appreciated.

And we have a new Vice-President. She is Lynn Palmer of Clear Lake who has been president of the Dunany Country Club and has deep roots in Dunany. We are extremely happy to have you on board, Lynn.

*As published on the site of the Système électronique d’appels d’offres du gouvernement du Québec.

2 thoughts on “MRC to deploy Fibre along Dunany road and branches in 2019.

  1. Chris Kasprzyk

    Not so sure about the timing. The pilot project was supposed to be in service last. March……still waiting.

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