Our Charter: Living in Dunany.

This is the new edition of our charter: Living in Dunany.

Please read it. Share it. It’s a one pager!

The first edition was produced in 2011 and widely distributed. Was time for an update.

The document is based on our mission which is to sustain and improve our quality of life and support the development of community spirit in Dunany. It proposes practical recommendations and rules to protect our lakes and ensure tranquility and peace of mind in our community.

This set of rules was also written with renters in mind. There have been numerous complaints – mostly related to excessive noise –  especially around Curran lake. If you encounter these situations, please report them to the municipality. I know they will act on them. If you are hesitant to do so, tell me and I will relay your message.

I have thus added a Word version of the document  that you can load, print and attach to a rental contract.

The Township of Wentworth adopted last summer a new Site Layout and Architectural Integration Plans Bylaw (36 pages) which defines the conditions under which a permit can be delivered. Its neighbour, the Township of Gore, has almost completed this process as well.

Also, according to Quebec law, any cottage, apartment or house rented for a period of 31 days or less must possess an official classification certificate from the CITQ.

You should definitely contact your municipality if you plan to lease your cottage.

Be aware that they do monitor the situation and that the fines can be stiff!

Finally, please note that Wentworth has recently adopted a series of by-laws covering Urban Planning, Zoning, Subdivision, Building and, as mentioned earlier, Site Planning and Architectural Integration Programs. You will find these documents under the Communications tab of the Wentworth web site.

Same goes for Gore where final adoption is very close. You will find the documents here.

I am not aware of specific rental rules in Brownsburg-Chatham and Lachute where there are few lakes.

PS. I often get requests from folks who want to rent a cottage in Dunany. I would love it if most rentals were listed on the Bulletin Board where I could refer them.

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