SPANK is back for year 9! This is your schedule for the summer.

For the few who are new here, SPANK stands for Superior Paddlers And Notorius Kayakers.

Over the years, it has become a Dunany fixture thanks to Robert and Maryse Percy. And also to Ev Wood who helps so much with the transportation.

So here is the schedule for this year:

Friday July 5 – Black Lake  Depart from Jane and Maurice Pilon’s house at 123 Ross Road at 9:00 AM
Friday July 19 – Boyd Lake “Margaritaville” at Barbara and Rick Havill’s place 318 Boyd Road at 3:30 PM.
Monday August 5 – Curran Lake  Depart from Annabelle and Ev Wood’s place, 12 Moore Road,  at 9:00 AM.
Monday August 19 – Clear Lake  Depart from Judy Hammond and Glenn Cameron’s home at 1186 Dunany Road at 9:00 AM.

Cost is still set at 5$ plus 2$ per lake.

Collected monies go to charities.

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