Stormy Weather and then Sunshine for our Hardy Skiers.

As I write this post, news from Europe – especially France and Germany – is about major snow and ice storms with hundreds of thousands of homes without power. It has been pretty turbulent around here as well with two major power outages in the last ten days. Enough to make generator sellers really happy! Ski Club jan 13 2017

But, as you can see from this photograph taken by Robert Percy at Morin Heights on January 13 – yes Friday the thirteenth – sunny weather is back and the hardiest of us were on the slopes, enjoying this first outing of the Dunany Ski Club.

Yeah, I know, you can hardly recognize many of  them, especially the shy ones with the goggles, but my special agent and life partner tells me they are all DCA members of good standing and that they had a great time!


7 thoughts on “Stormy Weather and then Sunshine for our Hardy Skiers.

  1. Don Sutherland

    When and where does the Dunany Ski Club meet? Is it every Friday at Morin Heights?

  2. jacques_pigeon Post author

    Yes Don, every Friday morning at 9:30 bottom of slopes at Morin Heights Ski Resort.

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