The Life and Times of Dunany Road last Winter.

Those of you who live in Dunany year round know how awful Dunany Road was this winter!

For those lucky enough to live in towns or are basking in the sun south of here, this is what we are talking about: late snow clearing, slippery roads (limited sanding) and, worse, dangerous ice bumps and ruts.

True, Dunany Road is in pretty bad shape. Look!

Dunany Road 2016

When some of us got really fed up with this situation I called the office of our local MNA. They told me that the only way to get the MTQ moving was to register complaints. So complaints they got. My short email generated almost 60 complaints. The secretary who retrieved them was stunned. She told some of people she had never seen such a tsunami!

Then I went after the MTQ.

Here is what I learned. The contractor, from Brownsburg-Chatham, has just completed the second year of his three year contract. The MTQ is unhappy with his performance and will give him an ear full. But not unhappy enough to break the contract. Since it’s snow plows are not equipped with GPS, monitoring performance is anecdotal.

This contractor is really busy. He does the 327, the 329 and sections of highway 50. I have heard many complaints about the very poor maintenance of the 329 to Morin Heights.

The MTQ also tells me that finding a contractor in rural areas such as ours – in the old times our road was Rural Road 6 – is a challenge. Sometimes, they get no bid or just one. Since the MTQ often referred to the contract I asked for a copy. Since they would not give it to me I file a Freedom of Information request to the department.

Bottom line: since Dunany Road is just one piece of a larger contract: there are also the 327, 329 and 50 – we seem to be stuck with this contractor for another year. Hopefully,  the MTQ will monitor the winter road maintenance much more closely next winter and ensure decent service on our road. Anyway, we will be watching.

Finally, I asked the MTQ when they planned to resurface our road. I was told – and I quote – C’est dans la planification!

The 2016 road projects are to be announced soon. Stay tuned.


PS. Would you believe that the snow plow had to be pulled out of the ditch on Dunany Road at least once.


14 thoughts on “The Life and Times of Dunany Road last Winter.

  1. Bob

    Nice job, Jacques. Too bad they cannot simply document the fact the contractor is not meeting acceptable standards and withhold payment. Crazy world.

  2. Claudette Hay

    Looks like you traveled these roads on our behalf, we thank you for it. . Seeing was believing. After the photo….the road should be called Dunany Path instead of Dunany Road. Wonder if snowplowing was the only job he had or if he also had another occupation as well. Nothing like a photo for proof of road conditions. Thanks for your research & time. However, Chemin McDougall would make a good photo for Ripley’s Believe Or Not. where’s the accountability??


  3. Cathy Riviere

    Job well done Jacques. We really appreciate it. It is a shame that they can’t break the contract due to the poor quality of his work. Travelling Dunany Road in the Winter is definetly a challenge. One never knows what to expect from one bend to another.


  4. Rod Armstrong

    Thanks for pressuring the MTQ. I have trouble believing the excuse that no contractor wants this business, especially when we have a well eqipped, local contractor, T & W Seale, who had this contract for many years. When T & W Seale had this contract, Dunany Road was always cleared of snow and sanded when necessary, regardless of the time of day or night.! Perhaps you could mention this to them next time you are in contact.

  5. Lynn

    Great work Jacques! It’s only with the supreme efforts of people like you that get these things done in our community! Thanks so much!

  6. John

    Good Work Jacques,
    Rod is right. We need T & W Seale. If we are stuck with the other guy maybe he could be instructed to put his plow right down to the road surface and not leave it three inches above. He might have to slow down but would do a better job. Thanks for your effort. John

  7. Monica

    Hello Jacques,
    Great work following up on this issue. The government approach is mind-boggling; they should be withholding monies when work is not accomplished to the requirement, but this lumping of Dunany Road with the major highways around here no doubt netted them some discounts. I’m all for getting the contract back into the hands of the local, proven contractor.

  8. Lois Finch

    Thank you Jacques
    travelling in and out of Dunany was tricky many times this past winter. Could you put the number to call as a permanent link on the website . One complaint per person may not be enough.
    Last Wednesday we traveled to the Gore community center during the snow storm on Dunany road,not plowed or sanded,Stephenson nicely plowed and sanded and on Braemar plowed but not sanded. I would have loved to complain again but lost the number
    You certainly kept us and our community travelling in mind this winter

  9. jacques_pigeon Post author

    Sure, Lois. It is 450-562-0221

    i will also make it visible on the web site somehow.

  10. Jeff

    Thank you for your efforts, Jacques! The condition of the road really is a disgrace. It reminds me of the 1970’s.

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