Our 2017 lake results: are they too good to be believed?

The phosphorus results are. They are abnormally low: between 2 and 3 mg/litre.

The Quebec Department of Environment recognizes this but has incomplete explanations as to why this is so. They are conducting numerous studies internally and with external organizations to go to the bottom of this.

One thing is certain, though. The numbers will be readjusted upward, at the very least by 28%,  through statistical and other methods that we will leave to scientists.

Should we worry? Not really.

Why? Our transparency readings are really consistent with the results of the previous years even though we had a crummy summer in 2017.

To view the 2017 results, click on the name of your lake. Black, Boyd, Clear, Curran.

You will find the multiyear charts (2006-2017) under Summary on this page.

The transparency numbers are those that our group (Rick Havill, Lois and Jim Finch, François Côté and Sheryl Jackson-Caron) have measured last summer. They are very experienced. Trust them.

Same with the chlorophyll results. Too much of it tells us too many nutrients like phosphorus reach the lake and cloud it. There is consistency here.

The last numbers are those of dissolved carbon oxygen which are used mostly to determine water coloration. Nothing unusual to report here.

Bottom line: all four lakes are in the oligothropic (very good quality) category.

We will continue with the RSVL program for the 12th year as it still offers value and allows comparisons with hundreds of other lakes in Quebec.

Finally, to keep our lakes in great shape, constant effort is required.

Thus allow me this quick reminder:

Ensure proper maintenance of your septic system, make sure  that your  shoreline protection band is robust enough to prevent nutrients from reaching the lake. Do not use pesticides and fertilizers close to the lake (less than 30 metres) and wash foreign boats to prevent the arrival of invasive and exotic plants such as the awful Eurasian Watermillfoil.


5 thoughts on “Our 2017 lake results: are they too good to be believed?

  1. June

    Thank you to Jacques and all the team for all your hard work.
    It is greatly appreciated!

  2. Claudette Hay

    That’s wonderful news. Puts our minds at ease. Thanks for the news.

  3. Maryse demers

    Excellent report Jacques. Thanks for your hard work and dedication!