How the ice went away on Clear lake in early May 2018.

Since most of you are away when our lakes get rid of their ice I thought you might like to know how this happens. So, this year I observed the phenomenon from the comfort of my solarium and took a series of pictures (click to enlarge) from April 28 to May 7 when Clear lake became totally ice free.

The phenomenon varies from year to year. As you can see, the end of April was not very pretty. The sun had made the ice very brittle when the great gusts of wind of the night of Friday May 4 to Saturday May 6 crushed most of it.

That is when the great spring turnover happens. It is the process whereby the water in the lake turns over from top to bottom This process is well explained here.

The last picture (bottom right) was also taken on May 7 and shows that water clarity is very good.

The lake is definitely aptly named!

I am still in the process of analyzing the results of last year’s water testing program which I have just received  and will report on them soon. But I can already tell you they are very good.


One thought on “How the ice went away on Clear lake in early May 2018.

  1. Sandy Hyde

    Thank you for the pictures Jacques. They bring back happy memories of many years ago..