A Special Pray and Play in 2022 and a Tribute to St. Paul’s Beloved Warden Wendy Crooks.

Robert Percy, Grand Master of the St. Paul’s Omnium, otherwise known as Pray and Play, had a particularly challenging year. He had first planned the event for Sunday May 22, but an intense storm called a derecho hit Dunany really hard the previous day and triggered a power outage that lasted more than a week.

Sunday May 22, 2022, 13 h 59

Robert is resilient. He rolled up his sleeves again, went chasing for sponsors and rescheduled the event for September 18 when the bugs have left and fall colors start to show. Pray we sure did. The big trophy was awarded to team Finch who had won the last event and honors were bestowed upon our dear Lay Reader Wendy Crooks who was made Honorary Chairman of this year’s Pray and Play. Unfortunately, Wendy could not attend due to a health condition.

However, there was no golf. Heavy rain made that impossible. So, Robert proclaimed Nicolas and Theodore Finch – Jim and Lois’s grandchildren – the youngest ever champions of this – how should I say – unique Tournement.

Still, the event was a financial success with willing golfers’ contributions and a record number of sponsors.

A few words about Wendy. She is originally from the Glenn but moved to Dunany when she married George Crooks. Unbelievably, she has been St. Paul’s Warden for more than 30 years. But we know her more as St. Paul’s Lay Reader. As such she has officiated in hundreds of services. So many of us remember these friendly and joyful Christmas Eve services where we hope to see her again this year now that the virus has been tamed.

Wendy Crooks at 2013 Beach Service.

And yes, she played golf and served on the DCC Board for a while.

Our best wishes to you, Wendy, and thanks for your remarkable contribution to our community.

As for Robert, we wish you better weather next year.

Glory to Ukraine

3 thoughts on “A Special Pray and Play in 2022 and a Tribute to St. Paul’s Beloved Warden Wendy Crooks.

  1. Angie Macleod

    God speed in your recovery Wendy! We’ll done Robert for doing double the work to get the support this year! We are so happy to support Natayiila and the girls! Great commitment from our wee community!?

  2. Lois Elaine Finch

    wonderful day Robert the little Finches are so pleased to win thanks

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