Local Governments

About two thirds of DCA members own a cottage or a residence in the Township of Wentworth. Total population in January 2014: 520, an increase of seven (1.36%)  from the previous year.

Wentworth – not to be confused with Wentworth North which separated in 1958 – is part of the MRC of Argenteuil which regroups nine municipalities and townships. The others are: Lachute, Bownsburg-Chatham, Saint-André d’Argenteuil, Grenville, Gore, Harrington and Mille-Isles.

Total population of the MRC stood at 33 291 in January 2022..

The other members pay their taxes in Gore (pop. 1 880), Lachute (pop. 12 80402) and Brownsburg-Chatham (pop. 7303)

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