About us

Back in the early 1960’s, a group of concerned citizens came together to discuss various problems affecting the community of Dunany, i.e. garbage disposal, road conditions, power distribution, clean water and septic tank systems as they affected our pure and clean lakes.

The group elected a president and a vice-president. This arrangement went on until 1972, when we employed legal council to incorporate the Dunany Community Association Inc., a legal entity that released the directors and their executive from any personal liabilities.

Through the efforts of this group of homeowners representing the Dunany Community Association, a high standard has been established regarding the state of the community.

Their stated aims were:

• To deal with matters concerning the Dunany community;

• To perform acts necessary to protect the property interests of the members of the association;

• To enter into agreements and contracts for the purpose of protecting and furthering the interests of the resident members;

• To enter into agreements and contracts relating to matters concerning the purification of air, land, water and other resources in the Dunany area;

• To provide for and ensure the safety of resources and recreational facilities.

Over these past 30 years, successive Boards have remained true to these original objectives, so that we can still enjoy our Dunany properties much the same way the original Directors did.

Also over the last 30 years we have observed how our community continues to grow:

• More cottagers are using their homes more often throughout the year:

• More people are living in the community full time and commuting to their work elsewhere;

• More people are retiring to live in this community full time.

This increase in usage requires that we be diligent with the use of our resources to help maintain the quality of our lifestyle in Dunany.

Over the past years, your association has been active in the following areas:

• Informing all households about the D.C.A.’s concerns, programs and efforts through its annual newsletter;

• Defining areas of interest to the community which impact directly on our local environment,

Shoreline planting

Water testing

Beaver control

Neighborhood Watch


Roads and Hydro matters

Green Day activities

Municipal affairs

If you have chosen to live and/or play in Dunany, in all likelihood you were attracted by the charms of the four lakes amid the rolling hills of the lower Laurentians. Here you have found a unique, unspoiled and beautiful environment.

As an individual property owner (or renter) it is your responsibility to protect your portion of this environment.