Since 2006, we have been members of the Volunteer Lake-Monitoring Program (VLMP). This is the association’s main activity; it consumes about half of our yearly budg

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Monitoring the quality of water in our lakes and educating our residents is our raison d’être. It is also our most time consuming activity. From 1997 to 2007, it has been managed by Robert Reichelt with help from volunteers on each lake. Five times each summer, these volunteers collect water samples and measure clarity on each lake.

In 2007 Jacques Pigeon and his wife France Jobin have taken over the management of the program.but France and I will manage the program.

We are very lucky in Dunany as our lakes are head lakes and there is no agriculture around. This means that we more or less control what goes in our lakes. The reports that we get from the Department of the Environment show that they are in good shape but we should remember that they are very fragile and it would not take much to go into crisis mode..

Jacques and France Jobin are in charge of these activities in Dunany with the help and support of the following volunterres:

Francois Côté on Clear Lak

Jim and Lois Finch on Black Lake

Rick Havill on Byd Lake

Sheryl Jackson-Caron on Curran Lake

Samples are collected three times during the summer and shipped to the provincial laboratory in Quebec. The protocols to follow are very strict. These samples provide measurements on Phosphorus, dissolved organic carbon and chlorophyll.

Moreover, each volunteer takes at least ten clarity readings with a Secchi disk from early June to early October.

If you wish to see the charts of all the other lakes go to the  RSVL site.