Clear Lake Plants

This is the inventory of algae and aquatic plants that a group of Clear lake volunteers built in August 2016 under the supervision of Mélissa Valiquette, a biologist from the CRE des Laurentides (Environment Council). It is part of a much larger report (en français) covering 25 lakes in Argenteuil. If you wish to read it en français, click here.

As this map shows, there are relatively few plants on the lake.

All of these plants are native, or if you prefer, indigenous. Nothing exotic or invasive here. Many you will find in the other Dunany lakes.

I want to draw your attention to the Filamentous algae. Their presence are indicative of excess nutrients going into the lake. Make sure your protective band is wide and strong enough to catch these nutrients before they reach the lake. And, for God’s sake, do not remove them. The plants reproduce through fragmentation. Trying to remove them will make the situation much worse. And they will most likely disappear by themselves after a while anyway.

And click on the pictures to view them properly.

Eriocaulon 2Prêle 3cypéracée 2





Sagittaire 3Potamot de Robbins 2Rubaniers 7





Potamot 2PontédérieBrasenia-schreberi-001






Nénuphar sur le lac Clair été 2011Nitella 2Algues filamenteuses 2

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  1. Maryse

    Thank you Jacques for keeping us so well informed and tuned in to remaining vigilant and careful with the health of our lakes. They are afterall, such a treasure!

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