The Great Dunany Quiz.

These are the questions and answers of the Great Dunany quiz posted in February 2020 on this Web site.

Dunany – Stephenson Intersection (circa 1960)

1. What was the original name given to Clear Lake?

Lac Bouchette. Named after Joseph Bouchette (1774-1841), Surveyor General of Lower Canada.

2. When was St. Paul’s Church consecrated?

1910. The church had been built in 1878.

3. When was the DCA incorporated?

1971. DCA was created in 1963

4. In the early eighties, Dunany residents petitioned governments about a major issue . What was it?

Dunany Road. What else? It was described in the Wartchman as “a patchwork mess of holes, the worst road in the country”. The petition was signed by 350 persons.Problem was, it was in Lachute who said it could not afford to fix it. Problem was solved by transferring it to the Quebec Department of Transport.

5. In what year was the Dunany Bridge erected?

In 1913. It had been build in Lachine by Dominion Bridge in 1912 and was erected in 1913 over the North River.

6. When was the Dunany Post Office established?

1853. There was also a school for a while. The Dunany School No. 1 was closed in 1948.

7. Who were the first two presidents of the DCA?

Wels Marshall and Ian MacAskill. Lynn Palmer, our current president, is the 30th president.

8. What was the name of the sawmill in the Boyd Lake outlet?

The Morrison Sawmill.

9. On which property was the Dunany Country Club built?

Smith Farm. The first resident of Dunany was William Smith.

10. Which of our 4 lakes has the fastest renewal* rate?

Boyd Lake. It’s renewal rate* is 6 months. The rate of the other lakes is almost 2 years.

*The meantime water spends in a lake.