Glee Club

Sing Along with  Glee 2022

Love to Sing? Love to have fun? Want to do both? The Dunany Glee Club is is for you.

This is an adult group that meets weekly year round to enjoy the gift of song. We sing all kinds of music from contemporary, swing, rock, country, world, gospel, to Broadway tunes and more- many different genres to tantalize different musical tastes! You don’t have to be able to read music or audition.

Now hear them sing!

This video minutes video was shot on July 29 2017  by John Parsons in the crowded hallway of the Dunany Country Club as part of the Annual Dunany Music Fest.

Rehearsals are held Mondays at 3:00 PM.

Contact: Cathy Ashley


3 thoughts on “Glee Club

  1. Carol Wight

    Sorry Cathy, I can’t be there this Monday, July 4th. My sister passed away, and I’m out of town for a funeral. I hope to be there week 2.

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