Washing your boat


Yes, you should clean your boat every time you use it in another lake or river. And not just your boat! Same applies to paddles, fishing gear, motor. Needless to say, it is even more true for any boat brought to your lake by a visiting relative, friend, guest and, even more important, a renter!

Why? To make sure that our lakes never look like this!

Miriophylle a épis mddelcc

This aquatic plant is called Eurasian Watermilfoil. As the name implies, it is exotic, non-native, and very invasive since it has no predators. It can be found in 40 lakes in the Laurentians. Thank God, none in Argenteuil. It is almost impossible to get rid of, the only defence is prevention.

Hence, boat washing!

Remember these four steps: inspect – drain – clean – dry

Inspection is the most important. If you look carefully, you will probably locate exotic plants or molluscs. Drain to make sure the is no leftover water at the bottom of your kayak, for example. Clean with fresh water and a bit of bleach. Finally, let dry in the sun.

All this should evidently be done at a good distance from the lake.

To find out more about this very invasive aquatic plant refer to this Guide (in English)


2 thoughts on “Washing your boat

  1. Jill Kerr-Shaw

    Good afternoon,

    Can I clean the kayaks on the West Island and then transport them to Dunany?

  2. Jacques Pigeon Post author

    Just saw your comment, Jill. Notice must have gone to the spam box.
    Answer is yes.

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