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The following rules and recommendations are intended for Dunany residents and, especially, those who rent cottages. Renters should communicate them to their lessees and insist that they follow them  to make living in Dunany most enjoyable for all.

  1. The use of gas-powered motorboats is totally prohibited on all Dunany lakes. Only small electric motors of 50 pounds of thrust or less are allowed.
  2. Lawn mowing or tree cutting without a permit are not permitted in the 15 meter protection band around the lakes. Application and use of pesticides, natural fertilizers and chemicals are also prohibited.
  3. Proper maintenance of septic systems is critical for the health of our lakes. Permanent residents should service them every two years, vacationers every four years. A copy of your invoice should be sent to your municipality. Water should also be used sparingly as overloaded septic systems will increase the volume of nutrients that reach the lake.
  4. All boats such as kayaks and canoes used outside of our watershed should be cleaned before being used in our lakes to prevent the arrival of invasive plants and molluscs such as Eurasian Watermilfoil.
  5. Aquatic vegetation should not be cleared from the shoreline as the practice can do more harm than good.
  6. The maintenance and construction of docks is regulated by the municipalities and authorization should be obtained before major work or new installations.
  7. Noise and Light. Dunany is a peaceful setting where quietness is appreciated. Moreover, sound travels far and is amplified over water. Please don’t make noise or play music so loud neighbours will hear it, especially at night. Same goes for spots on lakeside that pollute our night view.
  8. Outdoor fires. A permit from the municipality is always required. They should be lit far from the lake as their ashes contain a lot of phosphorus.  Ashes should be doused and later removed from the pit and disposed of.
  9. Fireworks also require a permit. The DCA discourages their use as they pollute, are dangerous, disturb domestic and wild animals and break the tranquility the residents value so much.
  10. Washing in the lake is not an acceptable practice as soaps and shampoos contain nutrients that are harmful to the lake.

JP July 2022

2 thoughts on “Living in Dunany

  1. Claudette

    Good reminders for us all to keep in mind. Except that…I don’t think hearing music for a few hours on a summer night, (doesn’t often happen) is very disturbing. Pretty soon we won’t be able to whistle on our wharf, ha, ha. What’s most disturbing are bright lights left on outside all night. Night should be left to be what it is supposed to be….DARK until dusk. All of them, very good points to keep in mind.

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