Winter Activities in the Dunany Area (2022-2023)

As this picture shows, winter activities can be lots of fun!

ARTISTS: The artists continue with their virtual and real painting sessions and workshops at the Wentworth Community Center Thursday afternoons. Contact Revilla Sauve: or Maureen Cameron:

CARPET BOWLING, a great Tuesday afternoon activity at the Wentworth Community Center. Contact Nancy Smith at

CURLING: Interested in curling? Sign up at the Lachute Curling Club or at the Brownsburg-Chatham Curling Club.

EXERCISES: Vie Active exercise classes on Mondays and Thursdays continue on Zoom.  Contact Mary Chuprun

KNITTERS: Knitters group are still knitting Wednesday afternoons at the Wentworth Community Centre. Contact Diane Glionna for information

GLEE CLUB: Love to sing? Join the Glee Club Mondays. Contact Cathy Ashley-Leslie at

READING: Enjoy reading! There are 3 boxes for book exchange at Boyd and Neill roads and at Wentworth’s old Town Hall.

SNOWSHOEING and CROSSCOUNTRY SKIING: In Dunany, a trail will be marked again this year over the golf course. The Dunany trail has a new easily accessed entrance by the church parking lot which will be plowed this winter.

There are also trails at Morin Heights.

DOWNHILL SKIING at the mountains of St Sauveur, including Morin Heights and other ski resorts. See their website for ski passes. Cheap prices end October 12 at Les sommets.

WALKING: The Walking club suggests walking the trails and roads of Dunany to stay fit and healthy.

YOGA at Wentworth community Center. Details on the Wentworth website.

Check out the local community websites for more activities both virtual and live: Gore, Lachute, Wentworth, Morin Heights and 4Korners.

Lois Finch is the contact person for activities at the DCA.

8 thoughts on “Activities

  1. Cathy Riviere

    This community is amazing and so are the wonderful people who make it so. Thanks for all of this and all your creative ideas.


  2. Lois Forster

    Thank you Jacques and Lois for keeping us up to date on community activities..very much appreciated!!

  3. Tom Talbot

    I have recently moved to a cottage on Lake Barron and am interested in contacting the SPANK (kayak) group to get some information about kayaking the local lakes and possible kayaks for sale.

  4. Maryse

    Thank you for a great update jacques and Lois for all the planning and great information! What a community!!!!

  5. Peter Parsons

    Thanks Jacques!! Looking forward to getting back to Dunany for the holidays. Taking off soon.

    BTW, Tom, we have a 14’ fiberglass kayak for sale. Great Lake boat. Rudder, cockpit cover. You can text me at +13038824260. I’m on Curran.

  6. Claudette Hay

    Thanks for the reminder what a pleasure it is to live here in this so, so vibrant, physically active community.

  7. Lois Finch

    Well done. Jacques I would add that VIE Active is also LIVE at the Wentworth community center starting Monday October 25
    Carpet bowling takes place Tuesday Afternoons at the Wentworth Community Center

    A late entry sorry

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