Knitting Group

Also known as The CLOSELY KNIT GROUP

This is a committed group of “Dunanyites” that knit together. They meet about once a week, starting in September, taking turns hosting the group in their homes and share baked good, tea and coffee. The Closely Knit Group works on joint projects for the Children’s Hospital as well as their projects. They welcome anyone who can knit and would love to help produce more blankets and toys for the Children’s Hospital.

Knitting G 2

Last year they made 4 blankets for the children. The blankets are either given to children or raffled off to raise money for the hospital. The knitters raised $550.00 last year for the Hospital Foundation. The group brought the four blankets they had made to the Hospital and were fortunate enough to give one of the blankets to one of the children. It was a joy for all of them to see her face when she was told that this blanket was hers to keep.  Knitting G 1

We were all touched and moved by the experience. Please join them if you would like to help the kids have a more personal and pleasant stay while at the hospital.


If you are interested in joining contact Cathy Riviere at or at 514-213-2179. I hope to see some new members in our group this fall.


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