Team Pilon honored at St.Paul’s Fifth Pray and Play Tournement

The Pilon Family – Jennifer, Marc, Maurice and Jane – were honoured on Sunday May 22 at St.Paul’s as the winners of last year’s Pray and Play Tournament.

Lay Reader, Hugh Mitchell, had lead the Service and complimented the residents of Dunany for their community spirit and their support to their three institutions : the Dunany Country Club, the Dunany Community Association and St.Paul’s Church.

Michel Caron who made such an important contribution to the restoration of the church chaired the event.

Pray&Play 2016 Famille Pilon

Suzanne Albert, owner of the IGA in Lachute once again sponsored a lunch of hamburgers, hot dogs and non-alcoholic beverages.  A long list of sponsors are supporting the Pray & Play tournament: Gym Max, Pilon & St-Jacques, Marks & Sons, Les Arbres de Noël Hadley, Canton de Gore, Canton de Wentworth, Pierrette Gloven, Le Baron Gourmet, Cathy’s Kitchen, Big Pine Fish & Game Club and Howard Cleary.

And I almost forgot. This year’s winning team members are: Ross Leslie, Cathy Leslie, Caroline Roy and Judy Hammond. Congratulations to all.

And kudos to Robert Percy who makes this event possible.

4 thoughts on “Team Pilon honored at St.Paul’s Fifth Pray and Play Tournement

  1. Lynn

    Another great year! Congratulations to last year’s team “Pilon” winners and to this year’s Leslies, Caroline Roy and Judy Hammond. Well done!!!!

  2. Sheryl Caron

    Thank you Robert for bestowing on Michel the Honorary Chairman for today’s Pray and Play. Michel was so appreciative upon receiving this award. I know that both of you worked so hard to renovate St. Paul’s Church and one can readily see the results! Without your inspiration, Robert, it would not have happened. Today’s Pray and Play was just another example of your deep dedication to the Dunany Community spirit! You are a true Christian in thought, word and deed!

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