The Dunany Beaver Team: one Trapper, four Sentinels and a Coordinator.

This is your new Beaver Team.

Each lake now has a sentinel: Simon Octeau on Clear, Stan Roy on Curran, Jim Armstrong on Boyd,  Gustavo Labbé on Black. Also in the picture is your humble coordinator. Their job is to patrol their lake and report early signs of beaver activity such as dam and hut building as well as tree cutting to our trapper.

You can also contribute by reporting to them such activities you are witnessing, especially if significant damage is observed.

Now, you certainly noticed that our trapper Marcel Gauthier is holding a couple of baby beavers (about 3 months old) in his arms. He rescued them a few days ago when their parents were brutally killed by a cruel amateur. Young beavers are dependant on their mother until they are two years old. Left to themselves those babies will die a slow and painful death. These are heading for the beaver nursery at Omega Park near Montebello.

As you probably suspect, trapping is strictly regulated. That is why during the summer season, our trapper will intervene only if there is a significant risk of damage to a property. Otherwise, he will wait until the trapping season opens around October 25. Then, he will make sure that the beavers hanging around our lakes are carefully captured so that we can begin the next season beaver free.

Yes, some will return. Adult beavers have no real predators. The fur market has collapsed. Consequently, there are fewer and fewer trappers. Our goal is not to eliminate them but to keep the population under control and to do this humanly with respect for this animal population.

Contact your your lake Sentinel to report beaver activity.

Curran Lake          Stan Roy     

Black Lake           Gustavo Labbé

Boyd Lake           Jim Armstrong

Clear Lake          Simon Octeau

5 thoughts on “The Dunany Beaver Team: one Trapper, four Sentinels and a Coordinator.

  1. Sandra Simpson Laroche

    Wonderful co-ordination and effort.
    Glad to see the pups heading to Omega park.
    Thank you fellows.

  2. Laurie Dunbar

    Thank you so much for your kind,and thoughtful approach to this problem

  3. monica jurek

    What a good approach to have a beaver team!

    Yes, I support both previous comments;
    – glad pups rescued &
    – applaud the humane approach to the beaver population on the lakes we share with them (as well as loons, ducks, …)

    Monica J
    Curran lake

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