A Cozy Nesting Platform for our Loons on Black Lake.

We all love the common loons and their very unique cry on our lakes even when it is heard in the middle of the night!

Listen if you wish!

As far as I know, there is only one nest in Dunany. It is on Curran. So, when we were approached by Développement ornitologique Argenteuil who proposed to install a nesting platform on one of the other three lakes, I said sure.

By the way, this NGO is strongly supported by the MRC – which pays for the platform – and the Townships of Wentworth and Gore.

Black Lake was chosen because it has a large inhabited area – so-called Frenchies bay – where loons can reproduce away from their natural predators (that includes us). By the way, loons lay their eggs in June.

Here I want to thank Maurice Pilon who happily volunteered to help install the platform and will handle the maintenance, including the removal in the fall and the re-installation once the ice is gone. The man with him in the pictures that illustrate this Post taken on June 1 is Martin Picard, the biologist who runs the DOA.

Let us hope some loons will like this new home.

As for us, if you wish to have a look at it, look from afar, use binoculars. Getting close to the platform will scare away the loons and defeat our purpose.


6 thoughts on “A Cozy Nesting Platform for our Loons on Black Lake.

  1. Cathy Riviere

    This is great , nothing I love better than to hear the call of our Lake Loons. What a wonderful idea, I hope they love their new home as much as we love having them around.


  2. Rod Armstrong

    Great initiative. Having grown up on Black Lake, to my knowledge there has never been a successful breeding pair of loons on Black. Lets hope this works


    I will take good care of the platform and advise if loons adopt it for nesting

  4. Jane Burnell-jones

    Yes, there are loons on Black Lake every year. It has been two years since I have seen baby loons but at that time at the end of the season, I watched 3 adult loons teach 2 smaller ones how to take off from the lake for the first time. It was quite something to see. Thank you Maurice for being part of this.

  5. Carly Hay

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