Summer in Dunany: rainy but lively. See for yourself!

John Wilson sent me this picture of a very hungry small mouth Bass which was taken by Clear Lake last July. As he said, his eyes were way bigger than his stomach. I thought I would share it with you as we end this cold and rainy summer.[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”” type=”image” alt=”Attachment-1-2.jpg” pe2_single_image_size_format=”N” pe2_single_image_size_width=”400″ pe2_single_image_size_height=”200″ ]

This picture can also be found on Pictures of Dunany as well as many others which I have added in the past months. I draw you attention to two new bathymetric maps posted there: Black and Curran. This summer, the U of M team led by Richard Carignan also did the two other lakes and they should be available soon. I have also added to the site a high resolution copy of the 2007  Peter Palmer Bathymetric Map which you can view and download by clicking here.

The Dunany Studio Artist also had a helluva show. Here is sample of the art work in case you missed it. Dunany  Studio Artists 2014-0020

By the way, you should all know that God  is definitely on our side. We had six SPANK outings during this lousy summer and the weather was perfect on each occasion. Thanks Wendy!

Finally, you may not have noticed it but we have moved to the Age of the Internet. From now on, you will be able to pay you annual dues directly from this Web site using a Credit Card or a PayPal account. It was definitely time to do this move as the reliability of Canada Post is not quite what it used to be. Some of your checks got lost in the mail, others reached us months, yes months, after they had been mailed. We will also forgo our Postal Box and have the checks sent to our mailing address as indicated below.Pay my Dues

We wish you all the best.

4 thoughts on “Summer in Dunany: rainy but lively. See for yourself!

  1. Lynn Palmer

    Super that you have moved on line for payment – that’s a great move forward. Congratulations! We’re looking at it for the Dunany Country Club and should have it in place for next year’s fees!

  2. Claudette Hay

    Nice letter and does that fish come from Clear Lake? Twas’ rainy but nevertheless, always nice in Dunany. You’re doing great work bringing us up to the times thank you for caring about the environment we all share. Thanks for keeping us up with the news.