An Emblematic Bird for Dunany. Cast your vote now!

Sowy Owl 2Quebec’s emblematic bird is the Snowy Owl. A beautiful bird.

But we, in Dunany, do not have one even if our area dozens of species are found. So I figured we should have one and that you, my faithful readers, should select it. So I asked our ornithologist in chief Sylvie Robert to draw a short list. Timing was good as on Sunday May 17 she participated in  Quebec’s Grand Défi Oiseaux. On that day, she and her partner Gilles Laperrière identified no less than 90 species of bird in the Dunany area.

So here are her candidates: Pine Warbler (top left), Red-breasted Nuthatch (top right) , the Black-throated Blue Warbler (bottom left), Hermit Thrush (bottom right). Why? What were her criteria? These birds have a more prominent presence in our area than others. That is because they are especially appreciative of our mixed forests: conifers and leafy trees.

[pe2-image src=”” href=”″ caption=”Oiseaux de Dunany 2015.jpg” type=”image” alt=”Oiseaux de Dunany 2015.jpg” ]

Here is a bit more information about each bird:

Pine Warbler:  This bird nests in the giant pine trees that so represent Dunany.   A bird that is quite rare elsewhere in Quebec, it is pretty common in Dunany.

Red-breasted Nuthatch:  A favorite of our bird feeders, this bird can even be taught to eat in your hand.

Black-throated Blue Warbler:  One of our most beautiful birds, anybody who has the opportunity to see it will appreciate its beauty.  A small bird with a big voice.  Its song can be heard all over Dunany from May to August.
Hermit Thrush:  How can anybody resists the song of the Hermit Thrush.  A beautiful fluting song that accompanies us all summer long.


Now, to vote click on Comments and let us known of your choice. You can also write in a bird not identified in this photo montage. Voting will end June 7. Dunany’s emblematic bird will be announced shortly thereafter.

58 thoughts on “An Emblematic Bird for Dunany. Cast your vote now!

  1. Kathleen Hoelscher

    I thought the red breasted nuthatch might stay all year. Thanks Sylvie. So I’m voting for that nutty upside-down nuthatch.

  2. ANNA

    Great idea, fun reading all the responses. My vote is for the red breasted nuthatch who stays all year round, The mighty heron of Boyd would be my second choice

  3. Sue Smith

    I have just spent an hour researching and listening to birds. Thank you so much for sending me down that path!! I feel the birds are such a huge part of why we love Dunany that to choose just one would be like choosing a favourite child. The White throated sparrow for O Canada in the mornings. The entire dawn symphony that joins it and which I now know includes these candidates for emblematic bird. The upside down red breasted warbler for being such a funny, tough nut. The hummingbird – so delicate, so dedicated..flying all the way here on those tiny wings, so aggressive at the feeder. The loyal Robin that nests over my porch door every year. The languid, magical Heron that if I am quiet I will see foraging on the shoreline before it flies away with that massive wingspan and gangly legs. The little Kingfisher who skirts the shore at dusk. The Merganser Duck that some summers leads her little squadron around the lake and teaches them to fish in the shallows near our dock. And who once flew out of our fireplace (yes). And the Loon, really the star of them all, whose presence and cry make us stop what we are doing and saying and remember we are in the wild. So why must we choose just one?

  4. Nathalie Nobes

    Although we have hummingbirds who let me know when the feeders are empty, the Black capped chickadee is with us year round. So there goes my vote! And they are so funny feeding upside down.