Celebrating St.Paul’s 10th Pray and Play with enthusiasm and good news for our Church.

Our Community is built on three pillars: Church, Country Club and Association. Last Sunday, September 17, both the Golf Club and the Association were there to support St.Paul’s Pray and Play 10th Golf Tournament which generates essential revenue for the church through golfers contributions and sponsors.

Robert Percy, St.Paul’s Warden, had some good news to share with the numerous attendees. He first announced that the Church will be seeking a grant to improve the accessibility to the church. The sketch he showed will be a huge improvement.

Secondly, he said he hoped to be able to formally announce next year an increase
in land owned by the church. Michael Dowse and his wife Jennifer Wilson who bought the property opposite to the church, as well as Maryse and he are working to make this happen. The church will receive approximately 6 additional acres. Needless to say, these are good positive news for the church.

Now back to Pray and Play which was held on a superbly groomed golf course with absolutely perfect weather and no bugs! The following pictures say it all!

A few words now about this year’s Honorary Chairperson: Marc Carrière.

You can say Marc has the MRC Argenteuil tattooed on his heart. He has devoted himself professionally and through his personal life for the common good. Marc has always spoken truth to power. His friends wrote “This man of principles, who stands out for his vast knowledge, his natural leadership and his team spirit, brings honour to the profession of a municipal leader and constitutes a model to follow in matters of public governance.

Powerful when that is what your co workers think of you.

Robert Percy, Warden of St.Paul’s Church.

7 thoughts on “Celebrating St.Paul’s 10th Pray and Play with enthusiasm and good news for our Church.

  1. June

    Thanks Jacques, and thanks to everyone that supported St. Paul’s!
    A great day!


    Wonderful pictures of a perfect day, so much thanks to the leadership of Robert Percy and his incredible team of volunteers. St-Paul’s is truly blessed with a caring community of loving generous people. xxx

    Thanks, Jacques, for all you do to publicize our little red church. xxx

  3. Lynn

    It was a wonderful day! We missed you Wendy. Thanks for your tremendous leadership Robert in keeping our “Spirit of the Lakes” alive and well. 😊

  4. Frieda Prosser

    I understand that Marc from the MRC has a daughter who recently had an accident. I understand that it was quite severe. Seeing that he has done a lot for St. Paul’s I think it would be nice of St. Paul’s to send him a card telling him and his family that our prayers are with them during this difficult time for all. If you wish me to purchase a card and send it in the name of the parish, I would be happy to do so. Regards. Frieda Prosser

    Please let me know via email – msepp84z@yahoo.ca

  5. lois

    IT was a superb day. Robert Percy s to be congratulated on his hard work for the support of St PAul’s

  6. Jacques Pigeon Post author

    I have forwarder your message to Robert Percy. He should know.