Dunany North – Dunany South: One Great Community.

Two worlds!

Brave and proud Dynanyites coming out of Dunany woods frozen solid (-15) at Stan and Caroline Roy’s Annual Ski Disaster but later rewardeded with great comfort food and drinks.

Ski Disaster

Happy residents of Dunany South celebrating Bruce Blake’s Birthday hosted by Angie and Bruce Macleod and, as you can see, deliriously happy!

Yes, two worlds, but one great community!Dunany South 2017

And then, come late spring, we shall all be togather in Dunany.

8 thoughts on “Dunany North – Dunany South: One Great Community.

  1. claudette

    Have to admit, a great group from a great community. Thanks for sharing the news.

  2. Steve Brewer

    I always thought Dunany-South referred to Snowbirds who went South eg to the ?? for the Winter. No snow here. Just sunny and warm, 87oF, in Burbank CA.