Inspiration for a Quilt. How John Parsons discovered the beauty of Water Shields.

Te beautiful Water-Shields (also called Dollar Bonnets) on Black lake continue to inspire John Parsons. Fittingly, he is this year’s designer of the famous Dunany Quilt which  you will all be able to see along with some of his other works, at the Dunany Country Club on August 1.

Have a look at  this relaxing 8.51 minute new video which he and Jennifer recently put together.

The Water Shield’s real name is Brasenia schreberi. It is native to North America. Its long leaf stalks reach all the way to the bottom where they attach to a long creeping root that is anchored in the mud.

It is quite common in Laurentian lakes. A 2016-17 survey of aquatic plants in 46 lakes which included Clear and Curran found that it was the 2nd most common aquatic plant in the lakes of Argenteuil that were surveyed.

10 thoughts on “Inspiration for a Quilt. How John Parsons discovered the beauty of Water Shields.

  1. Angie

    Stunning little details! Amazing that you have an eye to see the awe in the small wonders! Well done video.

  2. Maryse

    Beautiful ! Along with the music, manna for the soul! Can’t wait to see the quilt…I hope I win it! 😁

  3. Lynn Palmer

    WOW! These are absolutely beautiful!! Thank you for sharing.
    Mark August 1 in your calendars!! You’ll be able to buy tickets for the marvellous quilt designed by John and 4 of his ‘Water Shield’ photographs!! Thank you John for your generosity, talent and time!!! And watch out for the QUILTILLA!!

  4. Daniel W Payette

    Dear John
    These are absolutely extraordinary works of art. Many should be printed. Thank you for sharing the wonder your artistic eye sees.

  5. monica jurek

    How delightful and amusing. Some are like modern art, somehow reminiscent of a Miro…
    Merci for sharing. What a wonderful eye.
    And the music was just perfect for contemplating each little gem.


  6. Cathy Riviere

    What beautiful photos, I hope you frame some of these or make a great collage of them. I think they are amazing, thanks for sharing them with us. You have a great eye! I can imagine a lovely wall of art from these photos.


  7. Sandra Laroche

    Oh John,
    Your pictures are just gorgeous! Cathy has a wonderful idea of making a beautiful collage with them.
    The quilt will be very original. Such impressive shapes and so fitting for Dunany and the lakes.
    I love your work and so admire your creativity .