Send me your Best Pictures of Dunany and I Will Make you Look Like a Pro!

Over the course of winter, when the DCA more or less on pause, I remodelled the Pictures of Dunany section of the site and built Galleries with a new application called FooGallery (crazy name but nice plugin!).

There are now three Galleries: Pictures of Dunany: everything but the kitchen sink! Old Times and Our Beautiful Lakes. Click on the titles to view them.

Pictures from Old Times Gallery.

They each have about a dozen photographs that I collected from some of you over the years; others that I took.

During the extraordinary times we are going through, I thought you could more easily find a moment to search through your photo collections and locate some photographs to enrich these collections or provide me with material to create new ones.

I will edit these pictures, give you proper credit and post them. And since I am now locked down at my place in Dunany, for God knows how long, I have plenty of time to do this work.

Now, a word of caution. These postings are public for the whole world to see. So please avoid recent close-ups of people and focus more on vintage and landscapes. Vintage photos you can scan or mail them to me.

Finally, I am not committing to publish every picture. I will use the editorial judgement I have acquired over the years.

Now, do I have some takers?

Send me your photos at


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