The First Dunany Triathlon: an Event to Remember

The weather was good; spirits were high and the results were impressive. Fifty-four participants competed in the first ever Dunany Triathlon, supported by a host of volunteers. Thanks to the Burks, especially Dianne, who put their hearths into this and made it such a great success.

Dunany Triathlon 2015

The day began with a swim across Curran Lake, followed by a cycle up “The Glen” and finished with a run around the lake. Participants challenged themselves with the “Try a Tri” or “Sprint” distances or their own personal goal. The day ended with a BBQ to celebrate not only our athletic achievements but also the fund raising effort towards building a school in Ethiopia.

As Dianne wrote, we built up ourselves through this community event, we also helped transform another community – creating new opportunities for 400 students!

The Dunany Triathlon – Swim, Bike, Run – Build a School!

7 thoughts on “The First Dunany Triathlon: an Event to Remember

  1. Michael Fehr

    Yes, in was an inspiring day for the whole community. Diane and Scott and all the volunteers were truly amazing. Then to top it off with Mitch & Don & Chris cooking some great food and the band playing lakeside on Curran with the setting sun was a evening to remember. And all for a great cause.

  2. Handy

    I keep forgetting! When I managed to think about pedaling in circles, I noticed a nice difference as my speed and cadence ticked up. But most of the time, a slew of other thoughts were racing through my head, and I just managed to survive the bike in my first triathlon.