When will Clear Lake be Ice Free? What’s your Guess?

I took this picture of Clear lake early Sunday afternoon, April 3, from the west end of the lake. As you can see, the ice cover is still solid. No wonder! It is pretty cold here. Minus 12 last night and a couple more polar nights to come.

Now, when do you think the lake will be ice free? Write your answer in the comments section. Winner (s) will be celebrated later.

Lac Clair 3 avril 2016

Here to help – or confuse you – are a few stats. The following are the dates when the lake became completely ice free in the first half of this decade:

2015   April 28

2014   May 2

2013   May 2

2012   April  8

2011  April 28

2010  April 9

Who is the most prescient dunanyite?

27 thoughts on “When will Clear Lake be Ice Free? What’s your Guess?

  1. Edith

    I vote for April 24th. If I am going to be right, i need to receive a bouquet of flowers.

  2. Lois Gamble

    Sorry I messed up. It told me to make a reply a second time and now I cant get it to delete. Anyway it was the same answer twice. Jacques you will know how to make one disappear ! Thanks !

  3. Claudette Hay

    Bob says 4-23, I say all gone by 4-25. This is fun Jacques. The guesses, not the ice!

  4. Monica

    Curran usually unfreezes by end of April , so April 28th is my guess for Clear Lake

  5. Dianne Burk

    I’ll take April 27th. (Edith, if I get the flowers… I’ll give them to you!)

  6. Jane Burnell-Jones

    I’ll guess that, realistically, it will be May 3, 2016. Wishful thinking?…. in about 10 days!

  7. Lynn

    Great poll! I have no idea. We used to be swimming the first week in May and it was cold!!! Let’s say April 28, just for fun!

  8. Paul Macdougall

    By Canada Day I figure all the ice should be gone except for in my Cuba Libre

  9. Farrell & Marguerite Hyde

    We are not there to make a scientific call so based on the evidence in the picture that our dock is exposed we say April 25. Besides it would have been mymother’s 115th birthday! Jacques how did you get to the bay to get the shot? Last time we were there it was snowed in and covered with ice. Is there a cutoff date for entries? Farrell and Margie

  10. jacques_pigeon Post author

    I took the shot from the Carkner’s place, Margaret.Got your vote. Will close entries end of day or tomorrow at the latest. Cheers.Jacques

  11. Daniel Payette

    I’ll go for April 22! I was in the lake on May 6th last year. Who knows, maybe I’ll be in on May first this year!

  12. Sharon Leslie

    April 15th … The ice went out one year on April 13th and we were in the lake on April 15th – but not swimming for long!