A Major Upgrade for Your Web Site. Read why I have done it.

The Dunany Web site is almost 10 years old.

When I set it up in 2009, the iPhone had just been launched and the iPad was still months away. In the wonderful world of technology and software a decade is an eternity. Since the site uses all kinds of applications such as classifieds, PayPal, Spam Filter (35,000 caught so far!) , Language manager etc,  it needs to be up to date.

So an upgrade was really overdue. It had to be done.

During those years I have been using a WordPress platform – the back end –  which is being continuously updated. This freeware has 75,000,000 users. But on top of the platform, one needs a presentation software – a front end –  what WordPress calls a Theme. That 2008 theme had become a dinosaur and had to be changed.

The new theme knows what device you are using, a PC, a tablet or a phone and adapts accordingly.

I took this opportunity to update some contents such as the description of Dunany and add the bathymetric maps of our lakes on the home page which you can enlarge by clicking on them.

Needless to say, I had some help from a techie from a younger generation to manage the migration and get me started with the new theme.

Now a few tips.

  • Clicking on any sliding  image at the top of the page will take you directly to the article.
  • Clicking on the logo will bring you back home.
  • To view the enlarged maps on the right, just click on them.
  • On the right side, you will also find the archives. The scroll down menu to access old posts.
  • Look for events on the right side, on top of our favourite bird.

Hope you enjoy the experience… Especially on your smart phone.

12 thoughts on “A Major Upgrade for Your Web Site. Read why I have done it.

  1. Laurie Lincoln

    Isn’t it true that 10 years in technology is an eternity. Great job Jacques – thank you!

  2. Linda Mell

    All your hard work @ dedication to be enjoyed for many years to come .Much Appreciated & Thank You.

  3. pete wright

    I’m sure your tireless efforts are well appreciated, Jacques.
    Good job, well done..

  4. Cathy (Ashley) Leslie

    Thank you/ Merci Jacques! I can’t believe it’s been 10 years – amazing – for those of us living and working from far away – it’s a wonderful way to stay connected.

  5. Ed and ChrisKasprzyk

    Bravo, Jacques! Kudos to you.
    Thanks for all the work you do for the community

  6. Daniel Payette

    Jacques, ypu are our beacon, in this case, literally. Thanks for all your work for us.