When Beavers Decide they also Want to Enjoy Dunany.

February is the beginning of the beaver’s life cycle. The mating season.

So, it’s as good a time as any to report on beaver activity in our part of the word.

Last summer was the worst. Beavers had a real party!

It rained continuously and water levels increased accordingly creating ideal conditions for our national animal. Food was plentiful, more accessible for them and access to our lakes was made easier.

Beavers et work – Castors au travail

Last year, our trapper removed no less than fourteen of them from our lakes. Two on Curran, one on Clear and Boyd and, believe it or not, 10 from Black. That required no less than 27 interventions on his part.

Once a sighting has been reported, some expect the beast to disappear really quickly. We have a very experienced trapper but he is no David Copperfield! He can’t make them magically disappear!

By the way, the trapper’s job is made more difficult when residents decide on their own to dismantle a dam. When he can observe beavers building a dam, he can track them. But, if it is taken down, the beaver’s trail has been obliterated and the intervention will be delayed. So, I ask you to be a little more patient even if the water level becomes a bit more uncomfortable.

Keep in mind that we have one trapper and four lakes.

And, even though we had this challenging year, the beavers did very little damage.

Bottom line, do report sightings and dam building activity but be patient.


One thought on “When Beavers Decide they also Want to Enjoy Dunany.

  1. Charles Fields

    The drying up of the creeks downstream of the lakes is what concerns me Jacques.