DCA in full support of current Wentworth council and administration.

The following statement from the  Board of Directors of the Dunany Community Association was sent to Mayor Jason Morrison of Wentworth, his councillors and key staff on Sunday, September 22, 2019.


DCA in full support of current Wentworth council and administration


In light of recent media reports and actions by the Lake Louisa Property Owners’ Association (LLPOA), the Dunany Community Association (DCA) called a special meeting of its Board of Directors on September 21 to review the facts surrounding By-Law changes in the Wentworth Municipality as well as recent activities.

Martine Renaud, responsible for Urbanism and environmental protection for the Municipality and Revilla Sauvé, former President of the DCA and Wentworth Counsellor, current member of the CCU (Comité Consultatif en Urbanisme) and William Gauley, Wentworth Councillor, joined the Board to discuss the process for recent By-Law changes, specific changes and the impact on the Dunany community and on any potential development project.

By-Laws were formally promulgated on September 4, 2018 in response to “Orientation 10” a policy from the Province of Quebec through the MRC that would put restrictions on urban sprawl and focus development more on ‘urban areas’. In light of the facts presented, the DCA is confident that:

  • There are restrictions on development that maintain the integrity of the environment,
  • The By-Laws in place now are stricter than the By-Laws that proceeded them – not weaker,
  • The By-Laws were not changed to accommodate any particular proposed project,
  • The Municipality did provide opportunities for consultation on the changes,
  • If there is a request to “change” or obtain “exemptions” from existing By-Laws, public consultation would be required and the citizens would have the right to ask for a referendum on the changes.

The DCA supports activities to preserve the environment and quality of life of our citizens, but finds that the campaign waged by the LLPOA and its attacks on Wentworth’s Mayor and Council are disturbing and deplorable. As a result, the DCA disassociates itself completely from the recent interventions and communications from some of the leaders and supporters of the LLPOA.

The DCA Board of Directors fully supports the current Wentworth administration led by Mayor Jason Morrison and Councillors Dr. Maurice Pilon, Bill Gauley, David Smith, Jay Brothers and Gilles Ouellette. We have complete confidence that these leaders will find a balance between reasonable development and environmental protection in a way that preserves the life we all cherish.

Your DCA Board will continue to monitor the activities in Wentworth and keep you abreast of developments. We will make no comments about the proposed Wentworth Integrated Tourism Resort (WITRI) project until a formal project is presented and analyzed. Until that happens, and if that happens, we would hope that all energies would be directed to the concrete issues in the municipality such as the development of trails, walking paths and safe roads to make Wentworth a better place.

The Board of the DCA

September 22, 2019


10 thoughts on “DCA in full support of current Wentworth council and administration.

  1. June Parker

    Thank you for a well expressed statement. I hope the Wentworth council will be allowed to return to the running of the municipality, and this matter will be put to rest until any concrete developments of the project occur, if they occur.

  2. Wendy Crooks

    I also have complete trust in and respect for the Mayor of Wentworth, the councillors, and the staff. Thanks very much to the DCA for the support shown in this communique.

  3. Jane Burnell-Jones

    Thank you for issuing this statement and clarifying the stand that the DCA is taking and for saying there will be no further comments re WITRI until a formal project is confirmed. As well, thank you to everyone at this meeting for taking on this responsability of protecting our legitimate interests.

  4. Luc Matter

    To the D.C.A.

    Having followed the developments in Wentworth in recent months I was beginning
    to despair of ever hearing or seeing an independent effort at appraising a situation
    which has spiralled out of control in its aggression and toxicity.
    I am not a stakeholder as I am not a resident but I am much relieved with the effort
    being made.
    Luc Matter,Lakefield,Gore ,Qc.

  5. Barry and Christine Morrison

    The Council and Mayor have been nothing but transparent on this issue since the start and have shown a willingness to ensure the protection of the environment and community. After the disgraceful display at last months’s council meeting, it will be important for people to show up at the next meeting and publicly express their support as well.

  6. Laurie Lincoln

    Thank you for taking a stand and for issuing this statement. We have full confidence in the Wentworth adminstration and agree that no further comments should be issued until we have clear and concise information on what this project entails.

  7. Trudy Adams

    Merci pour cette communication suite à la réunion spéciale du conseil d’administration. I voted earlier today (by mail) in the Wentworth by-election. It’s important to choose individuals we trust to do the right thing in our collective best interests. Thank you to all who serve.

  8. Silvia

    I did not see the LLPOA statements but if it triggered this response from our DCA, whose position is clear, then I am confident of our position and support of the mayor and his team. Well done.

  9. Claire Bodo Ropeleski

    I am most disappointed that the DCA didn’t also meet with the LLPOA executive before deciding to take this position.
    As an extremely concerned Lake Louisa resident, I’ve attended every council meeting since the WITRI project was introduced by Mayor Morrison. There was never an instant when any LLPOA representative “attacked” either the mayor or any council member, verbally or in writing. However, there were a couple of instances when there were jeers heard from council when an LLPOA rep prepared to speak. Additionally, LLPOA has repeatedly asked the mayor and council to partner with them, as has been the practice when dealing with any changes which affected the environment —certainly during the 17 years I’ve been here. LLPOA has never been against council, not even recently through this arduous process of trying to get answers to important questions, many of which remain unanswered.
    “Attacking” and “spreading fear” has never been LLPOA’s modus operandi and I certainly do not see it now. However, what I have seen is town council and the mayor looking stunned, impatient and annoyed because LLPOA is asking lots of questions on behalf of lake residents.
    Actually, what has induced fear in me and other lake residents is the mayor’s remarks when introducing the project proposal: “Development is inevitable.” and “Wentworth is lucky to have a developer who wants to work with the town…..” wait—what? Our mayor thinks we’re LUCKY to have the prospect of a huge resort being built in our small watershed and a stone’s throw from our already-fragile lake’s shores?
    I seriously wonder if the DCA wouldn’t be asking as many pressing questions as LLPOA is if this mega-developer were in the process of proposing to build a 2 billion—that’s 2 billion—dollar development smack in the middle of beautiful, peaceful Dunany.
    This whole situation is so sad and disturbing; we’re all neighbors and good people caught up in this now-divisive situation because some far-away mega-developer is eyeing our lovely forest, streams and lakes as a means to line his pockets. He doesn’t care about us but I certainly hope we can all get through this as the wonderful, warm community we’ve always been.