I visited the construction site of the Dunany Bridge, met the project manager who told me …

… that the restoration job was going as planned.

Dunany Bridge October 7, 2019

The bridge has been lifted by about a foot to allow for the replacement of the foundation blocks.

New foundation blocks.

The project manager was kind enough to go under the bridge with my camera and take this picture for me as I am not as sure footed now as I was years ago…

The picture shows the metal armature for one of the blocks on which the bridge will finally rest. They will then build the form work  and pour the concrete. If you look carefully at the large  horizontal picture (above) and focus at the bottom part, you will see that the bridge has been elevated.

Once  the foundation blocks will have been completed they will place the bridge on them and begin installing the steel deck which has already been delivered (picture below) .

New deck for the bridge

The paint job has now been completed and the restoration should be completed by November 15.

Let us hope the contractor – Gelco Constrution, of Val Morin,  lowest bidder at 1 494 000,00 $ – will be able to deliver our new Heritage Bridge on time!

Wish them well. They are nice folks.


13 thoughts on “I visited the construction site of the Dunany Bridge, met the project manager who told me …

  1. monica jurek

    Merci pour cette bonne mise-à-jour Jacques.
    Looking forward to the November delivery

  2. Wendy Crooks

    Thanks very much, Jacques, for the super update on our “Little Green Bridge”. It sure will be nice to not have to detour. We are very blessed to have people like you following up on Dunany issues. Much and always appreciated. xxxooo

  3. Silvia

    Glad to hear things are moving well. I hope we can go back to calling it Copeland’s bridge…..it is what I knew it as given that my mother is a Copeland, lived in the house directly at the intersection of Dunany and the bridge. 🙂

  4. Don Sutherland

    Jacques, thanks very much for the update on the green bridge. You have my vote for the honour of being the first one to drive across the bridge when it is open to traffic!.

  5. Cathy Riviere

    Thanks, Jacques for the information. We are all anxious to be able to drive on it again. Thanks for watching out for us and reporting on this. Well done.

  6. Cathy Ashley Leslie

    Merci Jacques – i am looking forward to driving over the new bridge in November and finding out if it hums like the old one!

  7. Jacques Pigeon Post author

    I am told it should sound like the old one, Cathy. Same deck, excepted the steel is galvanized (rust proof), like the steel panels on your car. Touch wood!

  8. Sandra Simpson Laroche

    Good for you, Jacques!
    As I passed by the bridge yesterday, I thought about stopping and asking when we “might” be able to use it again, but I drove right on by.
    Thank you for the update.
    I can’t wait to use it….BUT…YOU can be the first!