Getting Ready for Spring: Fish Stocking on Boyd and Curran.

It is beautiful in Dunany, even when it rains!

Which was the case on Monday noon October 9 when the trout from La Pisciculture Mont-Tremblant were delivered to stock Boyd and Curran Lakes. About 750 trout, both Speckled and Rainbow, to be shared between the two lakes.

The first batch of trout was delivered by Jim Amstrong’s place (above with a helpful neighbour). Then on to Curran. This is home for Rod Armstrong,  Dunany’s Chief Fisherman and the person in charge of  the lake stocking program for the DCA.

The association has been sponsoring this program for many years not only for the enjoyment of fishermen but also because it is a good indicator of the quality of the water in our lakes. To survive and to thrive, trout need cool, clear and well oxygenated water.