Protecting your Home: a Guide for the Wise Dunanyite.

Few things are as  emotionally disturbing as coming back from a holiday, tired and happy to be back, and finding your home has been broken into. Not that we have to be especially fearful in Dunany. There have been only two reported incidents as of October 2nd and only one was judged sufficiently important to be reported to the police.

Nonetheless, we live in a sparsely populated area, many houses are isolated and, as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Last month, the Township of Wentworth called upon Marie-Josée Gervais of the SQ in Argenteuil to talk home invasion and ways to prevent them. June Parker, our liaison with the SQ was in attendants as well as a few Dunany residents. I came out of the meeting with two messages.

  1. Never hesitate to report a break-in to the police. They do want to know. Also, Neighbourhood Watch is also of great value as it provides vital information to the police when they investigate an incident.
  2. The more barriers to your home or garage the better. Invaders focus on easy preys.

That being said here a short list of those actions you can or should take to secure your home.

Alarm systems. A definite yes. You don’t have to spend a ton of money, some are very reasonably priced. If you need help to choose a supplier, call or write to Sheryl Jackson-Caron and she will guide you. Make sure you have plenty of stickers indicating that your home is protected with an  alarm system.

Lights. Spots with motion detectors as well as lights inside the house with timers are also an excellent and inexpensive deterrent.

Cameras. That is up to you. It is nice to have. If you do not opt to install cameras get a sign that says you do and make it very visible. Robbers and vandals will be dumbfounded!

Our mouths. Avoid talking about your travel plans with a friend while waiting in line at the supermarket. You never know who might be listening in. And if you have a public Facebook account discretion about your plans is essential.

If you are a cottager and only come to Dunany during the summer months, a few other precautions might be in order like snow clearing your driveway and having a local visiting your place on a regular basis.

Finally, I have added, for your perusal, the advice that the SQ is distributing.

Do not hesitate to add your ideas and suggestions in the comments section.