How much do you know about the history of Dunany. To find out, take the Quiz!

A few days ago we had some good friends for dinner and I was wondering how I could best entertain them.

Dunany – Stephenson Intersection (circa 1960)

Then I had an idea! The Great Dunany Quiz was born.

So I thought I should share it with you (slightly enhanced). Here it is.


1. What was the original name given to Clear Lake?

2. When was St. Paul’s Church consecrated?

3. When was the DCA incorporated?

4. In the early eighties, Dunany residents petitioned governments about a major issue. What was it?

5. In what year was the Dunany Bridge erected?

6. When was the Dunany Post Office established?

7. Who were the first two presidents of the DCA?

8. What was the name of the sawmill in the Boyd Lake outlet?

9. On which property was the Dunany Country Club built?

10. Which of our 4 lakes has the fastest renewal rate?

You will find the  answers by clicking on this link.


9 thoughts on “How much do you know about the history of Dunany. To find out, take the Quiz!

  1. Steve Brewer

    If the DCA was officially incorporated in 1971, who were the first two presidents of the DCA’s after it’s official incorporation ?

  2. Jean Towell

    What a fun quiz! Happily,I didn’t know all the answers – knowing them all would have made me feel very old. Thanks Jacques.

  3. Jean McLaughlin

    Great idea Jacques..
    Hummm …
    can’t say I have many of the answers but I’m looking forward to finding out!

  4. Kathryn Laidley Wright

    What an interesting and wonderful quiz. It made me realize how little I actually know about my favourite place in the world 🥰
    Thanks for sending this out,
    Best wishes,
    Kathy Laidley-Wright

  5. Nancy Humber

    Thank you, Jacques.

    What fun, and educational too! Interesting that the turn around is faster in Boyd Lake. Is that because it’s smaller than the others?

  6. John Malcolm Nolan

    Like others have commented, I found the quiz entertaining and informative, and I appreciate Jacques efforts to share it with our community.
    Because he already contributes so much, I feel sheepish about suggesting the quiz should become an annual event. A shared history is the glue of any community, and this quiz is such a pleasant way to spread awareness of our past.

  7. Jacques Pigeon Post author

    It is not that it is smaller, Nancy, but that it has a huge intake. Water that flows from Curran, then into Black and finally to Boyd from a very large creek.