SPANK is back for year 9.

For the few who are new here, SPANK stands for Superior Paddlers And Notorius Kayakers.

Over the years, it has become a Dunany fixture thanks to Robert and Maryse Percy. And also to Ev Wood who helps so much with the transportation.

So here is the schedule for this year:

Friday July 5 – Black Lake  Depart from Jane and Maurice Pilon’s house at 123 Ross Road at 9:00 AM
Friday July 19 – Boyd Lake “Margaritaville” at Barbara and Rick Havill’s place 318 Boyd Road at 3:30 PM.
Monday August 5 – Curran Lake  Depart from Annabelle and Ev Wood’s place, 12 Moore Road,  at 9:00 AM.
Monday August 19 – Clear Lake  Depart from Judy Hammond and Glenn Cameron’s home at 1186 Dunany Road at 9:00 AM.

Cost is still set at 5$ plus 2$ per lake.

Collected monies go to charities.