The Reconstruction of the Dunany Bridge.

Last Wednesday, July 3, I visited the construction site of the Dunany Bridge.

I was well received by the workers and the supervisor who gladly answered my questions. Here is my report.

This being a Heritage bridge – built in 1912 – restoring it is a time-consuming job as parts, here and there have to be replaced, one at a time. I have a long list of those that the MTQ provided me but it is all in engineering speak!

As you can see from the pictures, the bridge deck has already been replaced. It was definitely at the end of its life. Maximum weight weight will now be limited to 22 tons.

When I was there, the workers were busy installing scaffolding for the construction of a shelter that will encapsulate the bridge while it is being painted. Something like a large Tempo car shelter some people use in the winter.

And yes, le pont Noir, its official name,  will still be green!

Later, in August, they will lift the whole bridge by about a foot to replace the foundation blocks.

So far, work seems to be on schedule and the expected completion date is end of October.

When this restoration is complete, the bridge should be as good as a new one, good for another 100 years!

Total cost of the project is about 2M$ (planning, construction and supervision).


20 thoughts on “The Reconstruction of the Dunany Bridge.

  1. maryse demers

    Thank you Jacques! Excellent reporting and answer to a quite a few questions! Nice to know this is NOT FAKE NEWS!!!!!

  2. Susan Barry

    Thank you so much for this report and pictures, Jacques! So interesting!

  3. Jeffrey Best

    Thanks for the update, Jacques, but there remains one very important question. Will driving on the bridge make the same sound after the repairs are finished?

  4. Angie

    Thanks for the information, great report! I have never heard it called the “noir” bridge. Interesting fact there is another bridge south of this one (same style!) crossing the North River too! Wonder what the name of that one is! At any rate I am happy it will be green again!

  5. Michel Bruyère

    Very interesting update. Thank you Jacques, our star investigative reporter!

  6. Kathleen Hoelscher

    Thanks for the info, Jacques. So it sounds like it will still be a one-lane bridge. Is that right?

  7. Don Sutherland

    Thanks very much Jacques! I couldn’t figure out why it was taking so long because I assumed they were changing the bridge completely. Now it all makes sense!

  8. Jacques Pigeon Post author

    Yes Kathleen. This being a reconstruction there will be no changes to the bridge.

  9. Jo Darlington

    Thank you, Jacques! I love receiving your Dunany reports even though not technically a Dunanyite… ; )

  10. Steve Darlington

    A memory of the bridge:One evening, back in the ’60’s, the two Dunany Steve’s were driven to the Windsor Tavern in Lachute by an older Dunanyite. He drank a couple of beers and we had cokes. On the drive back to Dunany he suddenly stopped in the middle of the Green Bridge, got out of the car and peed through the metal grating into the North River.


    Thanks so much for the excellent report. I have been worried that they would replace or change our beloved « humming » bridge.