Our 2019 AGM: here is a quick summary.

There was an excellent turnout at our last AGM on Sunday August 4: 80 residents.

Key topic was was the proposed 2B$ Wentworth Integrated Tourism Resort Project by Lake Louisa as presented to Wentworth residents earlier this year. Members present were given a status report on the  “project” which has not yet been formally presented and were comfortable with the brief that the DCA board sent to the Wentworth authorities last June which warned of very serious threats to the health of lake Louisa and its watershed.

A proposed review of the project by the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE), if and when a project is formally tabled, was viewed positively.

Lake Louisa

As our president said, we must always be vigilant. The DCA will make sure that we stay on top of things to ensure the preservation of our environment, the protection of our lakes and the continuous improvement of our quality of life in Dunany.

Other highlights of the meeting:

  • Dunany Trail. Maintenance of the trail will be improved with the help of Jim Anderson. A group walk is planned for mid September.
  • Water testing. Members were given a full demo of the water testing program which a DCA team of volunteers are conducting on all four lakes each summer. France Jobin, the presenter, got a big round of applause.
  • Membership. With the loon’s help we are doing good this year with almost 90% of the dues already collected. We should easily reach the goal of 150 out of a potential of 180.
  • Bridge and Roads. The refurbished Dunany bridge will have a deck similar to the previous one – using galvanized steel this time  –  and the familiar sound it makes when going across it in a car will still be heard.
  • Fish stocking. This year Black and Curran lakes will be stocked.
  • New residents. Members were asked to inform the DCA of the arrival of new residents. They can then be visited by a a board member, recruited to the DCA and informed about Living in Dunany. Also, please tell us when you acquire a new email address.
  • Special thanks to Sheryl Jackson, who served so many years on the DCA Board. She will continue to do the water testing on Curran Lake.

Finally, warmest greetings go to our new president Lynn Palmer as well as to Diane Hislop who will take over the responsibility for the Neighbourhood Watch program.


One thought on “Our 2019 AGM: here is a quick summary.

  1. Sandra Simpson Laroche

    It was an excellent meeting.
    Well done France with your thorough demonstration of the water collection.
    Welcome Lynn and Diane.
    I have full confidence that our DCA will be vigilante with the WITR proposal and will keep us informed.